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Zhang Xiyun re board the drama starring "fairyland" Liangjiao ornaments – Sohu Sohu Zhang Xiyun entertainment entertainment news September 8th, new art theater row drama "human fairy tale" held a press conference, the young actor Zhang Xiyun as the stars appeared people’s art theater. As the 2004 Grade Acting Department of the Central Academy of Drama arts undergraduate class professional background, this is Zhang Xiyun in the television show for many years after returning to the stage, starring as the one who played two roles in great contrast, bring no small surprise to the media. Elite second waiter mad show if the local audience burst laughing "human fairy tale" is a modern metropolis emotion works, the plot is full of suspense, the fate of the characters is reversed, since the beginning of the information released, has attracted a lot of attention. The play got paid special attention to people’s leadership Secretary Wang Wenguang, vice president Zhao Tongfu, directed by art director Liu Xiaorong, put people’s elite forces involved in the production, to the 2016 people’s art theater drama key project to build another adult art theater drama as a representative. Zhang Xiyun Zhang Xiyun played two roles played two roles as a Xiyun actress is one of Liangjiao ornaments, workplace elite and restaurant waiter instant transformation, accurately grasp the character and temperament, showing great comic effect. Rehearsals began, a casual white shirt near the Xiyun body rapidly changing role, into the elite world very rational in the first act, with a bunch of flowers for dialogue scenes, the elite of "reason" and "emotion" as a girl the most incisive. In the second act as a restaurant waiter, with local accent and town youth insight, is very disgusted tone of ridicule the restaurant, quips one after another, let the media reporters uproarious. Very satisfied, director Liu Xiaorong on team performance she said: "our crew called Beijing Yan highest cast, when we rehearse the play are great, are the pillars of our." Yi Yan was the highest (two crew left Zhang Xiyun) did not forget the early heart return to the stage of self pressurized play charging Zhang Xiyun was born in July 1984, graduated from Central Academy of Drama Department of performing arts undergraduate classes under the tutelage of Su min teacher and teacher Liu Xiaorong, with a solid performance skills. In 2010 the military drama "Ge Sanghua road" began to enter the audience attention, then partner with Liu Yunlong starring suspense Spy Drama "the informant" (2011), in collaboration with Li Chen and Chen Sicheng Urban Youth Drama "Beijing love story" by the audience. For the return to the stage drama, Zhang Xiyun said there is a lot of pressure. Although just graduated from Beijing’s "home", "Resurrection" and other drama projects, but in recent years the focus of the work is on the TV drama, acting and drama are very different. Frank Zhang Xiyun said: "on the stage for the actors more demanding, TV camera can be edited, and on the stage to go, the pressure is not generally large, this is also Liu Xiaorong row drama teacher very trust me. For me, to return to the stage is also a chance to learn again. Film and television drama.相关的主题文章: