Yunnan 30 units recruit up to 1200 people in some post allowance of up to $300 thousand onavo protect

Yunnan 30 units to recruit 1200 people some allowance of up to 300 thousand yuan original title: Yunnan 30 enterprises and institutions to recruit 1200 people some allowance of up to 300 thousand yuan in the recruitment site, see the graduate recruitment information. Photo by reporter Qiao Changhong yesterday, according to the Yunnan college graduates employment service network recruitment announcement shows that the end of November to early December, Yunnan has 30 enterprises to apply, except for 2017 graduates, there are a large number of community recruitment, some post allowance of up to 250 thousand – 300 thousand yuan. The recruitment of units to education, construction, Yunnan primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities have set up interdisciplinary faculty recruitment, construction companies also focus on recruiting professionals involved in Chinese language and literature, journalism, financial accounting, human resource management, machinery, civil engineering, the recruitment of a wide range of recruitment in the number of 1200 people above. In this round of recruitment, the recruitment department of Haiyuan College of Kunming Medical University teachers and laboratory technicians, part of the job offers high subsidies. In addition, Kunming Vanke Real Estate Development Company Limited to job seekers to the olive branch, the trick is building designers, activities, accounting, cashier and other positions, and will enter the Yunnan University, Kunming University of Science and Technology in the end of the month to preach. (City Times reporter Fu Jingping)   part of the unit and the number of recruitment requirements (business unit) at Wenshan Institute of financial education recruitment of supernumerary personnel needed 2 people in Yunnan Province Chinese medicine hospital recruitment system (dispatch) 32 staff recruitment department of Haiyuan College of Kunming Medical University teachers and laboratory technicians, a total of 28 people in Dali university the recruitment of teaching and research positions 28 Honghe Prefecture first middle school to recruit 40 teachers in Kunming Vocational College of Arts recruit teachers of No. 2 middle school of Yunnan Normal University to recruit high school teachers of Yunnan province high school recruit 14 teachers of Yunnan Yuntianhua people junior high school junior high school high school recruit 56 teachers in the Chenggong campus of the Yunnan University in 2017 to recruit 21 teachers Study on the flora of Kunming to recruit teachers first middle school of Jinning city of Kunming province Yunnan 6 people Chinese Scientific Research Academy of Sciences at Yunnan Observatory research staff recruitment Chinese Academy of Yunnan Observatory Fuxian Lake Solar Observatory research staff recruitment in ancient climate change and evolution of biological species in Southeast Asia recruitment researchers Chinese Academy of Sciences Research center of the diversity of plant diversity and conservation research group the recruitment of other researchers in Yunnan Province Research Institute of culture and the recruitment of staff editorial office editor, liaison office secretary, a total of 2 Yunnan Provincial Meteorological Department of comprehensive meteorological service jobs, recruitment of full-time ordinary college graduates 49 Ruili aviation enterprises to recruit 2017 graduates of Tenth Yunnan Construction Investment Construction Co. Ltd., the work of a number of staff China Telecom Yunnan recruit 2017 graduates of a number of Chinese Construction Engineering Bureau of the southwest of the southwest seventh相关的主题文章: