Yongcheng ushered in the first wave of two child birth peak hospital maternity full thinkpad s230u

Yongcheng ushered in the first wave of "two child birth peak hospital maternity full Department of Obstetrics aisle, one extra bed with a mother’s helpless to your baby in the aisle; doubling the number of critical maternal, obstetric doctors lianzhouzhuan day and night, 6 months pregnant, doctors still insist on the night shift; neonatal full, neonatal ICU beds tense, pediatrician pressure…… Comprehensive two child policy landing more than 10 months, the city’s major hospitals ushered in the first birth peak. Reporters learned from a number of hospitals in the city, the last three months, the number of newborns born in hospital maternity soared, the highest increase of more than 40%. Maternity ward is hard to find a bed, aisle with 16 beds, busy, busy, busy! This is the last three months, the real state of the hospital department of obstetrics in Ningbo city. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter in Ningbo city hospital from four families to see, the maternity ward of the aisle, leaning against the wall of the bed a with a two bed, each with a screen to isolate. Reporters around the production section four aisle circle number, a total of 16 beds, some small bed bed side also placed a newborn sleep, plus the nursing staff and medical staff constantly during the shuttle, the maternity ward is noisy. Medical staff seems to have been accustomed to this state, are calm, busy in order. "It’s good to be here, and now I’m looking forward to going home early." A baby was born one day lying in the aisle is the extra bed for her child, next to People are hurrying to and fro. The woman told reporters, although living in the aisle is really inconvenient, but fortunately tomorrow can be discharged. Nanyuan hospital currently has a total of six Department of Obstetrics, Department of Obstetrics and several other conditions are produced almost four families. Yesterday, more than a dozen beds in the Department of Obstetrics, also at least seven or eight beds. City hospital medical department leaves doctors, increase the number of birth is from the beginning of the second half of this year. According to statistics, in August 2016, September, October, the hospital births were 1298 people, 1289 people, 1350 people, and in August 2015, September and October respectively: 1052 people, 964 people, 994 people, an increase of 26.6%, 33.7% and 35.8% respectively. Delivery volume continued to rise up to the day of birth obstetric 40 babies in Ningbo other hospitals, also a difficult situation. The first hospital of Ningbo is the city’s maternity care center, since the second half of the year, here is full load operation. City hospital obstetrics director Ding Huiqing introduced, the hospital has 56 beds, each bed full. In October last year, the maternity hospital maternity was 181, in October this year, there were 255 people. With beds, bed capacity, added to expand the waiting area, in order to cope with the sudden increase in birth tide, Minnesota hospital increased 6 expectant beds in the delivery room, maternity beds from 124 increased to 168. From July onwards, the delivery month Minnesota hospital obstetrics continued to rise, average monthly birth number of nearly 550 people, the largest single day to reach 40 people, the highest monthly growth reached 43% compared to the same period. In early November, has not been finished, as of yesterday, Minnesota hospital.相关的主题文章: