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Yin Zhusheng "impossible" villain again on the line to open the road – the fine points of audience entertainment Sohu Yin Zhusheng "mission impossible" Sohu entertainment news recently, by Yin Zhusheng teamed Zheng Yu, Chen Zihan starred in the "mission impossible" is Jiangsu TV hit, in the full drama television market has set off a round of the wind. Yin Zhusheng plays the role of a Japanese officer Takahashi in the play, in order to arrest a password to the blue sky, sustained fahen, chilling. While Zheng Yu played the three yin, while pretending to help Takahashi, while also protecting the blue sky, quite a lot of love to kill means, let the audience stand up this unable to restrain the emotions of war CP. Yin Zhusheng’s Encore Japanese officers "day Chinese line" cavity "blade" bead front, Yin Zhusheng in the drama "mission impossible" again in the play from the Japanese officers very easily, the figures will be cruel interpretation of so many viewers of all threads neatly tied up, with the role of hate. Yin and Zhusheng original "on the cavity Chinese" line is to let the audience startled, viewers have said has not hear is Chinese in speech, father of acting skills accent Zambrotta da!" How to consummate the audience of Yin Zhusheng’s scream from the fine points of "Wolf Totem" of Bao Shungui to "overweeningly ambitious, step by step by surprise in the" Uncle Yin Chenggui, "to the" sword "in the scenes where the cloud subtly malicious BOSS magic nebula, Yin Zhusheng should Guyi today, also let the audience have been acting fine by saying" what like what, through time and space subtly malicious in the end". But I was happy to do the acting is also more and more play. This time, Yin Zhusheng and partner Zheng Yu, starred in the "mission impossible" in the super villain, Zheng Yu, Zihan Chen et al Daguai suddenly raise the difficulty! The description of Yin Zhusheng gas field strong BOSS role nuanced, let the audience fear a character, love actors, almost to the fine points of the rhythm.相关的主题文章: