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Xi’an Road underground parking lot can be held this time? Xi’an Road, Xi’an road parking lot is located in Heping District and Liuzhou road junction, after more than half a year later, three or four days ago quietly re voted with the. Reporters yesterday at the scene of the Xi’an road parking lot, the ground floor of the smart parking lot was renovated into a new bar, opened in front of the parking lot. The parking entrance is on the left side of the bar of darkness hung "suspend" the bulletin board, on the right side of the entrance, parking lights, camera screen monitor room open, a scene is open. The staff said, after equipment maintenance, three-dimensional parking floor has been started three or four days before the trial, open during the day of trial operation, the night is not open. Eleven after the holidays began formal business. During the day the price is 6 yuan per hour, in late 9 to early 7 when the night of 10 yuan, 500 yuan monthly. Re vote after the Xi’an road parking lot of the parking lot is the city’s first intelligent construction of the underground parking lot is one of the first investment in 2010 before, was frequently reported by the media, due to the introduction of the most advanced intelligent parking technology, is expected to effectively alleviate the current situation in the region "a car difficult to stop". But from the beginning of this year to July, the parking lot is iron fence blocked, leaving only a small door, staff exchanges. People want to stop only choose the surrounding roads. In August, coaming removed, but the parking lot is still a mess, empty. Intelligent parking lot on the high why stopped more than six months? Xi’an road parking lot is located in Xi’an Road, Liuzhou road and Yingkou Road, Wai small garden plots in June this year, the park is surrounded by a meter high iron Wai block, Liuzhou road is a small door can enter the parking lot on the building was black, the net, can not enter. A staff member said, Xi’an road parking lot is undergoing equipment maintenance. Car owners can only choose to stop parking on the surrounding roads, parking spaces are very tight, almost staged in the real version of the parking spaces". Some areas under public parking management, parking lots two hour 6 yuan, there are some management blind spots, such as Liuzhou road side of the parking lot, the owner can only take the risk of illegal parking stickers. According to public information, Xi’an Road underground car park covers an area of about 8250 square meters, of which the underground construction area of 19512 square meters, ground floor area of 1091 square meters. The ground floor is a plane moving mechanical four storey garage; the ground floor is used as a monitoring room and an inlet and an outlet. Xi’an Road underground car park with the domestic advanced multi-layer plane moving mechanical parking technology, is the largest mechanical three-dimensional garage in Tianjin, can provide 600 parking spaces. Because of the need to save the traditional parking lanes, the same building area, you can stop more than 400 vehicles. Looks very beautiful with suffering in the region adjacent to the Binjiang Road District Jinhui, office buildings and other areas of the flow of people are great, the public parking demand is always very strong. February 2010, Xi’an road intelligent underground car park officially put into use. Citizen Ms. Chang Chang Chang相关的主题文章: