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Xiamen 80 million mysterious buyers take mansion was equipped with luxury apron?       Taiwan News Network November 8th according to the Straits Herald reported. Early in the morning, the Xiamen property market and restiess! If single, Wang otaku, grass root are this group, so is a nouveau riche! Also often associated with luxury. First? Do not want to speak, give a picture of? This is the latest released last week: Xiamen’s most popular and can chop hand several large projects. Look carefully found 99? No?? Please look at the fourth – Genting manor; 16072 1; 81 million 740 thousand;? Summary: last week, Xiamen Island Road, a mysterious buyers with 81 million 470 thousand yuan to buy a villa Genting manor. Then? Math level 8 small silent head a bit, a house 81 million 740 thousand! Equivalent to 100 yuan Zhang, with a total weight of 1 tons! Can you get bling bling~~~? Obsessive-compulsive disorder? Shocked! Is there to be shock to. As the first to see the legendary manor houses what small shrimp yen value! The multi hot eye, cautious point! Genting manor is located in Xiamen? National 5A scenic area of wanshishan Park, surrounded by lake treasure bag, forming a natural barrier in the community, in the heights overlooking the surrounding islands of Kinmen, mountain, lake, sea Goods are available in all varieties. 220 thousand square meters of land, a total area of 40 thousand square meters of treasure bag lakes, the landscape of the square of 100 thousand square meters, and ultimately only the construction of the Royal Palace of the European Union, and a platinum Star Mountain Resort Hotel, five. ? at the same time, the manor is also equipped with a helicopter apron area, South Chinese first equipped with a helicopter parking apron of the high-end residential area. ? the key here, so the real nouveau riche paper, who is the mysterious buyers? You can add a QQ, a WeChat chat? Often this time, universal friends will certainly thick line! The so-called room, really circulated on the internet! ? the news broke the news: November 7th morning eleven, Mr. Terry Gou, President of Taiwan tycoon Foxconn technology group, a low-key appearance in Genting manor. This broke the news immediately denied the news. In short, the mysterious man, who is not known at present. ? for the price of other users said! Not expensive? In fact, Xiamen on the mansion and the mystery of the legend has long been. Those years, Xiamen mansion and mysterious people have to say? [105 million yuan villa, free to buy! ]? Time soon, in June this year, Genting manor a flat 1888 villa, is a mysterious buyers, the total price of up to 105 million yuan! While the floor price to Genting manor? Sit 30940 yuan square meters for 6 years in Xiamen the most expensive land price of the throne, a total turnover of 7 sets! Lakeview luxury? [idle for 20 years without! People! Recognize! Collar! And then, on 2013, note, 2013.相关的主题文章: