Wu Yifan lead the 4 billion 900 million young idol fans 100 City Music Box Office (video). fkzww

Wu Yifan lead the 4 billion 900 million young idol fans all summer music box office 100 City Wood stills youth stills and music fans photo Tencent entertainment news summer soon ended, the majority of school, and lead the film at the box office of the summer is also coming to an end. In the box office occupies a large proportion of the contribution of popular artists, Wu Yifan is in the lead the way at the box office this year, whether it is the beginning of the "old gun" and "Mermaid", or the summer vacation this year the main youth three files, according to the pan Entertainment Professional pilot platform data Yi en network statistics, a total of more than 4 billion 900 million at the box office, Wu Yifan among them, the fans must be the main force to support the box office. From the mainland film market, ample time and the quality of life requirements so that more and more young people to become the pillar of the movie box office. With the rise of many young actors, their films will also be a big part of the fans. Only one year in 2015, Wu Yifan made an amazing contribution to the box office at the box office in the mainland to play the leading role of the young idol at 4 billion 900 million. Behind this powerful music fans and Wu Yifan inseparable support. It is reported that Wu Yifan’s fans only in this summer’s "youth · so you are here" a movie jointly launched the 150 city 200 home restaurant, and time not only to release a month "summer has trees and hope to heaven", fans jointly launched the 169 City 220 package field many of them have fans, take the initiative to contact the media field and private field and overseas customers. Today, the relationship between idols and fans more and more closely, the influence on Idol fans, fans also constantly affect their way through their idol’s works, the film market has become a new focus. The next year, Wu Yifan starred in the "West", "demon volt Lim xXx" and "star agent · 1000 Star City" and other films will be released, will with young idol fans shocked the market again at the box office. Wu Yifan talk big guide style Tsui Hark creative foot humor of, Stephen Chow相关的主题文章: