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Wu Yifan affectionate song " " after debut; bazaar Charity Night — people.com.cn entertainment channel — people.com.cn 2016 BAZAAR Charity Night held at the Olympic Sports Center in Beijing in September 9th, Wu Yifan as the artist guests invited to attend the evening, Wu Yifan dressed in a black casual dress appearance, and the first public singing songs from "" later, a contribution to charity. Public platform bazaar Charity Night as the circle of influence is very wide, has been the star and the media attention, has been 14 years since 2003, the number of stars and entrepreneurs support. And Wu Yifan as invited guests contact three years attended. Just after the overseas trip of Wu Yifan appeared night bazaar, the red carpet is still very serious in good out of a bandbox, dedication. A full tidal range casual makes a serious red carpet suddenly filled with vitality. With the popularity of Wu Yifan in the entertainment circle into a field will quickly become the focus of the party, Huang Xiaoming, anglababy, Liu Yifei and other guests and greet photo, the atmosphere is very lively. Dinner soon, Wu Yifan as the yellow team members first stage performances, live a quiet, Wu Yifan rose slowly from the lifting table, "then" soulful singing songs, this song is his self released after the first time in public concert. Wu Yifan since his debut has always helped the public, often involved in various public activities. Wu Yifan said in an interview, hoping to do their own strength, for more people to bring more beautiful. His fans are under his leadership in public welfare activities continuously active, this is Wu Yifan in bazaar Charity Night for third years, and his personal welfare "extraordinary honor court" in March, I believe the future will continue on a public road ahead. (commissioning editor Jiang Bo and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: