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William Feng: no red most at ease of play to beat to the crew for role – Sohu   entertainment; William Feng: no red before the most practical news perhaps because of the recent schedule is too full, this time, told the Beijing News Interview with William Feng a bit tired. Round the end of the interview, he was sitting there quietly, slightly spoiled angrily said, "let me slowly". Before filming for him to wear cosmetic contact lenses, now eyes will often dry red, in the face of a reporter’s greetings, he shrugged, "the actor, this thing is not what." Someone once said that William Feng is not love in an interview, also not to get off the reel media favor, while working hard in the entertainment industry for many years, he is more like a building to live in their own world, focusing on one of his favorite things – acting. Overnight fame does not incite his heart, never left his box office high mentality, he admits that he wanted to shoot a good game, "what kind of role I want to try, I do not want to trick the road narrows, always take a kind of work, a class of people, a total of chaolengfan words, work is meaningless and the value of the." For everyone concerned emotional life, he said, "there is some good news to tell you." * * * before father wanted him to be a public official William Feng childhood photos   William Feng seems to have tired of being asked is "two rich generation", he has repeatedly clarified they are just ordinary families, I admit that I did not eat what was bitter, but unlike a say so exaggerated, even my parents "Kuoshao" was shocked by the news. I am just an ordinary family child, my parents are ordinary people." Born in 1978 in Shanghai, William Feng, from small to large academic excellence. The memory of the first setback is high school admitted to top of the class, when the class was excellent when he first found his performance is no longer the top, stubborn he was not convinced, then work harder. In 1994, William Feng was admitted to the Shanghai key middle school, and because the examination results excellent, did not participate in the college entrance examination directly walked into the Shanghai Theater Academy, but also into the theater department only a scholarship, "for a long time, I should be a child, but also a rebel when. When I was reading my parents to take a motorcycle driver’s license, when I put my driver’s license in front of them, their faces really ugly, because they think it is too dangerous to ride a motorcycle." When I was young, the mother of William Feng pays special attention to cultivating his literary temperament, gave him the violin, joined the drama club, speech contest and extracurricular arts groups of children. At the age of 4, he took part in the speech contest of thousands of people, the story of a small frog, he won the first prize. "My mother was very fond of literature and art, but she never wanted me to be a performer or an actress." The difference is that William Feng’s father has his occupation planning idea, he wanted his son to learn management professional or the civil service exam, the nine to five life is safe. Until William Feng entered the drama school, filming constantly after graduation, the stick touched Feng dad, "I may see my dad for so many.相关的主题文章: