True quality promoting service innovation research completed the Meilan Airport project, peop

True quality promoting   service innovation research completed the Meilan Airport project, Hainan window – passenger bus car pull shot shot picture Hainan windows in Haikou in October 9, innovation is the first impetus to the development of enterprises, innovation is to grasp the development and innovation, is for the future. In order to adapt and lead the Haikou Meilan International Airport (hereinafter referred to as the "Meilan Airport") will be the new normal economic development, technological innovations into the development imperative. In September, the Meilan Airport Service through technology innovation, research project smoothly completed passenger car ferry. Passenger car ferry passenger terminal is far from necessary to pass the machine tool, is the important equipment to guarantee the arrival and departure flight carrying passengers. At present most of the domestic passenger car are unified installation is the rope pull tab, with the time increasing, the rope quality will decline, will often be passenger pull off, there are security risks. To understand this problem, Meilan Airport renovation team after repeated investigation, the final use of the subway tab instead of, in the maintenance of the safety of the passengers at the same time, effectively improve the ride comfort. Is the subway tab compared to the rope pull advantage: 1. Steel ring instead of rope, both beautiful and stable; the subway type solid Griphook does not shake, avoid rubbing sway back and forth in the driving process touch passengers. At present already in the 13 tab subway car ferry to complete the installation, the follow-up will continue to promote the application of. In addition, the Meilan Airport, passengers in the car in the process, often unconsciously reached to the handrail orifice, easily lead to loosen the pipe cover down, safety hazards caused by. In order to maintain the safety of passengers, Meilan Airport for the transformation of the handrail pipe, the pipe with steel ball and block welding die, a total transformation of 13 cars, a total of 130 blocked arm nozzle, promptly eliminate safety hazards. With the traffic increasing year by year, Meilan Airport is steadily to tens of millions of comprehensive international airport forward. The future, Meilan Airport will from the "software" and "hardware" in two aspects: to create SKYTRAX five-star airport, deepen scientific and technological innovation effect, improve service quality, accelerate the pace of information technology, to create "intelligent" airport; increase the investment of infrastructure and rich passenger flight experience, providing a warm and comfortable environment for passengers to travel. (Meng Fansheng Huang Yuguang Kuang Qiongzhu) (commissioning editor Wang Ning and Jiang Chengliu)相关的主题文章: