The wizard Shuangseqiu 127 two wings to interval than the 312 layout

The wizard Shuangseqiu 127: two wings to layout interval than the 3:1:2 dragon Jiepan interval is smaller than the open 2:4:0, the size ratio of 2:4, the number one and two areas. "Phoenix" large amplitude forward, out of 19, it was once the largest amplitude trend appears after the end of the tail of the small amplitude trend of late, "phoenix" to continue the large amplitude trend of concern. Out of 33 repeat correspondence, "phoenix" has experienced 9 stages of small amplitude trend from large amplitude relationship, large amplitude shift after adjustment must be concerned about the trend. So, to prevent the "phoenix" large amplitude trend shift after pulling large numbers across the period covering, recent advantages between large number of decimal short-term exchange control number is more frequent, so the "phoenix" large amplitude transfer must prevent large numbers follow back. A single period of "leading" 01, after a 1 yard area covering 3 yards to weaken appear strong; "phoenix" 30, the trend of small amplitude forward size than the anti 4:2 3:3 draw against rebellious. "Leading" 02 ortho layout, 06 repeats, the trend was covering the top half of the blank strip number, this period continue to 03, 04, 05 in the fortification covering the "leading", "phoenix" on the first 03; with amplitude of 11 trend forward, the large amplitude 32 and 33 return point placement, if the trend of the amplitude little attention after 24. Range area 1: leading to small amplitude number, the attention of the 03-08 range out of the 1-2 code. Number 03, 04, 05 key fortification, 07, 08, 03, 04, two yards combined first, 03, and 07 against 04, 08; two: Central long-term empty is three even fill, the anti block wing layout, preferred neighbor number 16, 20, 15, 22 secondary prevention, prevention 1-2 code number. Three: this may be empty after the strong trend, focus on the 2-4 code number, 23, 24, 25 – combination and 28, 32, 33. 16127th recommended: Red Bile 04, 20. A yard of blue 10. Note: 03, 04, 20, 22, 23, 24+1604,, 08, 20, 23,, 33+10 duplex: 01, 06, 08, 20, 21, 24, 28, 32+01. (lottery wizard)相关的主题文章: