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The selected works of Mao Zedong shoot high   million; red collection overall warming – Shandong Channel – recently, at an auction, the works of Mao Zedong and red collections related to Mao Zedong by many collectors sought, among them, the 1944 Shanxi Chahar Hebei "Mao Zedong anthology" rare hardcover version to 1 million 350 thousand yuan of high turnover. "Red collection" first use in the private sector, as the state of the red tourism scenic spots and red theme promotion and around the red collection Committee have been established, the collection of categories recognized both official and folk. With the "red book", Chairman Mao badge collection market activity continues to increase, the red collection of groups are expanding, exchange increasingly, social awareness is also rising. So, what are the errors of the red collection? Today’s hot red collection, the future can continue to be popular in the market? The market off the red September 27th, Beijing Panjiayuan Thirteenth National Red collection exhibition fair cum "party in my heart" red collection exhibition ended, the country has more than 600 red collectors to attend the exhibition fair. This fair is most eye-catching exhibits is a in ten years in September 20th of the "news", this is the first report about the Communist Party of Chinese media field. This newspaper is plastic storage, collection of people at the time of recording and storage requirements are clearly visible to my daughter. This newspaper witnessed the passing of night, a hundred years of vicissitudes of history Chinese changes. Red Collection refers to the Chinese Communist Party in the revolution and revolution in the construction of a particular historical significance of the collection of objects for the collection of activities. With the October revolution as the starting point, China’s advanced young people accepted the Marx doctrine, through continuous practice and exploration of the reform and opening up of some of the items are left in the category of red collection. General varieties can be divided into: literature, red stamp, Chairman Mao badge, the "red book" category, class, revolutionary cultural relics badge (kind) etc.. The red of the rise in the last century the mid 80s to the beginning of 90s, in late 90s began to develop rapidly, the red collection idea and consciousness gradually formed in the middle of the war led some collectors, collectors descendants to output collections, laid the foundation for the series of collectors. Beijing Daily reporter learned through visits, the current collection is to spread the red transactions, although can enter the auction less and less, but with the established around the red Tibetan Committee, family collections and red red tourism in recent years, the red collection market booming, more and more people’s attention but also to a large number of valuable cultural relics of the revolution were better protected. Ji Yucheng, director of China collectors association red collection commission told the Beijing Daily reporter, "now, the country has 24 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions established the red collection commission, we will be the red Tibetan Association together with the power, the red Tibetan association with more cohesion. According to statistics, the country has more than and 200 red collection home Museum, the exhibition hall of the more than and 80 red". In addition, he said: "in recent years, through the joint with the government and museums and with local companies,"相关的主题文章: