The secret of longevity the Double Ninth Festival on the eve of a visit to Hainan centenarians cashmere mafia

The secret of longevity: the Double Ninth Festival on the eve of a visit to Hainan centenarian longevity secret: the Double Ninth Festival on the eve of a visit to Hainan centenarians Zhu Ren, born in June 1913, now living in the town of Wenchang City, the first court hospital. The old man eyes do not spend, ears are not deaf, well versed in Chinese medicine, the body, every morning in the city of Wenchang, a pharmacy in Zuozhen, regardless of the weather. The old man to get up at half past five every day, six to tea downstairs to eat breakfast, at noon on time to eat on a regular basis, after a bath to sleep, life is very regular. Nutrition, every morning in the afternoon to eat an egg, fish, shrimp, chicken alternately eat. Master of Chinese medicine man knows how to nursed back to his body, has been well maintained. Lin Aihua, born in October 1914, now living in the town of red Qiongshan District of Haikou city. "The old man’s attention to health, always wash hands before meals, not picky, love to eat meat, do not eat processed foods." The two sons of the old man think that these habits are the reasons for longevity. Wang Fujihashi, born in October 1915, now lives in Lingshui County town of coconut. The old man took part in the QiongYa column, now over 100 years, the eyes do not spend, not deaf ears, supple, empty to the village under the tree and neighbors chatting. Chen Chunfang, born in January 1913, now living in the pro Lingao County town. The old man restless, front and side of the field angle angle on the types of vegetables. The old man said that once stopped, he would grow old quickly. Li Fanrong, born in October 1914, now lives in the Central Plains town of Qionghai. The old man love sewing up, quilt cover and pillowcase with pieces of different colors of the patchwork rags. The old man now do not shake hands, eyes do not spend, act as a go-between. Li Cailiu, born in March 1909, Mu Tang Zhen people in Danzhou city. The old man eyes do not spend back camel, walk freely, often wash my own clothes. Miao, Miao, born in February 1912, now lives in Baoting County town. The old man is good at playing percussion and dance – Miao "peace dance". The old man’s drum is made by himself. Wang Ruifeng, born in March 1917, the county town of Chengmai fushan. The picture shows the old man sitting in the doorway holding "Liang Sicheng and Lin Whei-yin" Golden fate God bestows. reading. The old childhood reading junior in Haikou, reading habits remain to the present, the old man said reading can let calm down. Fu Yuantao, female, born in 1916; Guo Xiuneng, male, born in 1917, the couple lives in Changjiang County, Chang Hua zhen. The old couple together has been very affectionate, with Yuantao old man’s hair to be washed once every two days, has always been Guo Xiuneng old hand wash. "The nine day Chongyang, Miaki Maminari." The Double Ninth Festival in October 9th. Every day at 5:30 in the morning, Wenchang old man Zhu Zhiren to get up on time, 6 points to 7 points to go downstairs for tea, Chinese medicine hospital admissions visits. Zhu Zhiren was born in 1913, the old man proficient in Chinese medicine, work and rest rules have never changed. Qiu Xiumei was born in 1912 the elderly living in Chengmai Luofu village, the elderly drinking water is still sweet in their own wells of groundwater. The village close to the Nandu River water quality, nourish the villagers here. Every day, Qiu Xiumei old man相关的主题文章: