The second season animation Gundam ol will open second unlimited firepower mode huangshexiaoshuo

The second season "animation Gundam OL" will open second unlimited firepower mode 7.6 CGWR score novice card booking | Mobile Suit Gundam Online area "last year Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam" predator Aoerfensi released off the heat, because this cartoon’s "small red net baba". The second quarter of animation recently launched, in fact, dare to game has game player favorite. "These days" in the second season of the hit, "Mobile Suit Gundam OL" will open second unlimited firepower mode. [] "the continuation of the classic battle for Mobile Suit Gundam: predator Aoerfensi" second season continued in the first season, one side is the goal to live iron Wah Group of teenagers, the other side is the war spread turbulent world. In the second season there were second Baba Torres, this new "small red net" good or evil, friend or foe, I am really looking forward to. The new season of the main production staff and the first quarter of the same, change mainly lies in the animation series is composed of supervision and jointly build over "we still do not know the day and see the flower’s name" Nagai Ryuuki and Okada Ri to play. [all star Gundam] once again hit the "Mobile Suit Gundam: predator Aoerfensi" is Baba Toth yen value play, and the game "Mobile Suit Gundam OL" there are hundreds of super body. Super star of the upcoming update version of the game in the body gathered again, Jay Star Gannon, LAN, G-3 modified Beyerdynamic Gundam (strike equipment), Xiashang special magic, Rick? The· O, full armor Gundam (TB), II (high mobility type Zaku spirit Zaku) to see these big names, inevitably reminiscent of the body in the "Mobile Suit Gundam OL" horrible performance. Borrow the updated version of the super body also gathered in the super toy machine in the limit on the. [open] unlimited firepower again unlimited firepower mode except limited body and limited weapons, ammunition unlimited, for two terms, do not have to worry about lack of ammunition boldly forward, the way to fight to destroy the enemy base. The adorable new, this is definitely a good time brush, more intense fighting will bring more armor, yellow milk stick up, brush scores go up. This model saved a lot of strength but lack of ammunition of the body, such as Gundam NT-1 (FA), two 000 emission tube switching power as can be imagined, however only three or four rounds of ammunition, the combat is very embarrassing, like Kabini and many body also has no shortage of ammunition, fire limit mode is to solve these problems. Infinite bombing Gundam NT-1 (FA) "card spy Bi" and infinite planktonic gun, cool their opponents awful go. Unlimited firepower mode cool to not only the body with these rockets and missiles these long-range bombing, for old drivers, the best way to "knife", unlimited firepower everyone in the infinite shells bombing, like simple battery, a good opportunity is not a friendly machine tool seemingly unlimited firepower mode just give the knife machine "mad stir a". The super cutter The· O appears in.相关的主题文章: