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The "new vagabondize" will wrap up the entire online Sohu acting Chai Biyun Chai Biyun secretly took the knife to save the entertainment Sohu Fu Hongxue Entertainment Tonight, produced by Beijing Oriental Television Limited by Share Ltd Feiyun International TV series "new vagabondize" is running smoothly, played by actor Chai Biyun in the drama cuinong, as played by Zhang Xinyu’s sister back the memory of Ma Fangling, played by Zhu Yilong Fu Hongxue to save her sweetheart, keep his love. Chai Biyun acting throughout the line, will be portrayed in the thick Cui deep rooted in the hearts of people do not want to give up: I also Cui thick! The "new vagabondize" will wrap up his "new love Shou Chai Biyun vagabondize" plot into the white hot stage, played by Chai Biyun Tracy for Ma Fangling’s memory, save Fu Hongxue, sister died in the sword, and asked Fu Hongxue to protect christina. Ending the night tonight, leaving Chai Biyun in the play’s wishes can be realized, exciting. Chai Biyun saw the recovery of memory Christina, died. With her in the death of a beauty, surfaced together is operating behind the big boss it all, leaving only the prince CP deep danger threatened by growing crises. Coupled with the continuous playback picture pathetic life Pik Wan Chai, zhichuo lacrimal gland, all the users: I have a cuinong! Chai Biyun and broadcast in the play period, with professional acting and his hearty character, countless circle powder. With the development of the story, she has two on the hot search list, the number of fans of the linear growth network. Chai Biyun’s full line into tears in the Reaper "new vagabondize", Chai Biyun’s Tracy, a blindfolded veil dancer Kazuma church spooks, the first challenge to miss such a role, is not a small test for her. She was in a different identity between conversion capability, the negative soft killer indifferent the most incisive, acting all online. Chai Biyun and Zhu Yilong in this drama, idol actor Zhang Xinyu and brother Vincent Chiao are also working together for the first time, to play without acting strange, bursting. In addition people praise the acting, she plays in the ill fated, but tragic ending poke my heart, tears become the reaper. In the play, Chai Biyun is a people love woman, different life and careless of her. Let a lot of viewers posted on the network, said: ten thousand distressed Chai wan." In the interview, Chai Wan said: Thank you very much for this drama, so I have great improvement." Chai Biyun in the "new vagabondize" ending soon, with Tracy in a corner of the network has attracted much attention, the ending of the people also make public users sigh. Recently, she was filming a Guo Jingming novel of the same name of TV drama "summer solstice", played in the drama 77, more exciting.相关的主题文章: