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The National Day holiday Yongtaiwen high-speed traffic since 2016 the highest – Zhejiang channel: original title: National Day holiday high-speed Yongtaiwen traffic this year and the highest since the National Day holiday, Taizhou travel enthusiasm, Ningbo Taiwan high-speed with usual overload. One day in October 1st, Ningbo Taiwan high-speed traffic hit a record high in 2016, to 78 thousand vehicles, after a few days traffic declined, but traffic every day are maintained at fifty thousand or sixty thousand. Taizhou high-speed traffic police detachment two brigade Deputy captain Fu Jian, on the Yongtaiwen high-speed, usually on the vehicle flow for 35 thousand days, during the national day traffic surge, resulting in most of the sections of the vehicle can only slow traffic, road traffic jam. Yesterday (October 7th) is the last day of the holiday, but did not appear on the high speed congestion situation, in addition to slippery road vehicles and accidents caused by the increase in the number of accidents, the basic situation of the road is usually. Reporters learned that, compared to 2015, this year’s national day traffic peak appeared in advance of the time point. The first day of 2015 National Day traffic peak appeared at 7 o’clock in the morning, and this year in September 30th 23 to October 1st at 3 at this time there is a peak time, until 5 o’clock, there was once again a peak. Fu Jian analysis: the driver may be based on previous experience to avoid the peak of travel in advance, the results we all think of a piece, so blocked in advance. But we are also considering the 7 high-speed congested, travel peak, so the last day of the holiday is not blocked." On the other hand, from this year’s situation, the road of civilization, driving safety awareness has improved, in the stop on the hard shoulder or driving on the hard shoulder is less traffic, not just highway command center telephone fewer people. The hard shoulder is regarded as a "life channel", once the occurrence of major accidents, if the shoulder is blocked, then the police cars and ambulances rushed to the scene to carry out rescue. "The reality is that if there is congestion, many drivers will take a hard shoulder to overtake, or directly on the hard shoulder running long time, meet National Day, this phenomenon is particularly serious. Although this year also dealt with more than and 100 cases of shoulder of the vehicle, but the number was significantly less than in previous years." Fu Jian said that this is a good phenomenon. The increase of traffic flow will lead to the increase of accident. Three days before the national day, the number of accidents per day are more than 100, down from 4, 5, 6 vehicles, the number of accidents has dropped to forty or fifty. From the statistical point of view, most of them slight collision and hit the guardrail. Fortunately, most of the driver in the accident, in no injuries, the vehicle can move under the condition of the nearest exit from the high speed to a certain extent, to avoid the occurrence of congestion. (commissioning editor Zhang Liwei and Weng Dikai)相关的主题文章: