The guy in the MLM organization 2 months back to Quanzhou for revenge Duandiao dens cagliari exchange

The guy in the MLM organization for 2 months was put back Quanzhou Duandiao dens revenge Taiwanese news network November 1st and many MLM organizations cheat people, 20 year old Wang’s story begins with a stereotyped. But the end of the story, but staged a "counter attack" drama. In July 21st this year, Wang resigned to Quanzhou from his home in Guizhou for a week, love girlfriend Li Xue. Li Xue told him that Quanzhou developed economy, there are suitable for his work, wages are much higher than his hometown. But when he arrived in Quanzhou, he discovered that it was a good plan. The trapped two months he accidentally put the organization in July 22nd, Li Xue and Wang met in the herb garden, Li Xue then took him around, came to the city after an old building roof. As soon as he entered the room, he felt something wrong, a blackboard, an empty house…… MLM organizations? He turned to leave, the eight or nine men were immediately poured down. A leader who said, "our company has a period of assessment, we must grasp". Subsequently, Wang’s identity card, mobile phone, wallet, bank cards have been taken away, suffered a cuff and kick out of their supply, Wang bank card password. For the next two months, Wang lived an isolated life. The toilet is staring at the morning class, afternoon chat, sometimes when lobbyists, ask Xiao Wang has not considered good. Under the pressure of being beaten, Wang had to let go, according to "lead" to play, to love need money, borrow money from family members, classmates and friends borrowed a circle, a total borrowed 4700 yuan, plus their own bank card original more than 3 thousand dollars, bought three sets of invisible products. This is Wang introverted, trapped in a two month old building, he tried to escape, but the doors and windows are locked beautifully, he became more asocial be scanty of words. And through several calls Wang and his family, the organization’s leaders gradually get to know this guy: family distress, no money to dig…… The "leaders" began to pull to abandon this wang. September 23rd more than 0 in the morning, still sleeping Wang was lead pull up, stuffed him a bag of luggage, which contained only a few clothes, watches, ID cards and more than $20 in cash. Wang did not want to be confused, half half catch a car on the ground. Each side sat a "leadership", Wang dare not move, do not know how long to sit the car, he was lost in the car, the car swiftly, no shadow. Wang a look back, the FuZhou South Railway Station four characters sway eyes. Standing in the empty station, he realized that he was abandoned, but to be free. Free a month he returned to Quanzhou the "revenge" in Fuzhou, Wang played a month on foot city, grew more and more can not be reconciled, decided to return to Quanzhou. I do not dare to go home, lost too much, Wang said, and his family and friends to borrow too much money, no money to return them, want to deceive his people should be punished. In October 27th, he went to Quanzhou Fengze area ride from Fuzhou. He was walking in a strange city, go to Licheng from the fortress. To the second day in the morning more than two points, the feet have a bubble. 29 noon, into相关的主题文章: