The groom Ken Chu fear about losing weight due to fat like drag on the new network – wife ssdao

The groom Ken Chu: fear about losing weight due to fat like drag on the new network network in September 2, according to Taiwan’s wife – "when the electronic newspaper" reported that the 38 year old Taiwan actor Ken Chu will be 3 and mainland actress Han Wenwen, held a romantic wedding in Bali Island. The couple has arrived in the local relevant preparations, yesterday two people busy taking pictures, and ask the staff to use micro-blog live, who promises Ken Chu frequently praised the beautiful wife, is also a positive answer for the problem size frequency outside. There are friends in the broadcast asked Ken Chu current weight, he said, has always been not too much attention to appearance, had to indulge their own fat to 98 kg, then on the fitness program, weight back to about 80 kg. Now married, Ken Chu still wants to phase point, say: "my wife is too beautiful, chubby if I stood beside her, afraid of drag!" A "wife control" of Ken Chu, for the first time in the broadcast will be talking about the wedding so openly, the original is all for his wife, he hopes to have a grand wedding, for Han Wenwen memories, said: "men have the responsibility, give her a love of her wedding". Ken Chu F3 Vanness Wu later today will be to Bali Island, Vic (Zhou Yumin) to take care of the month daughter can come, Jerry Yan is working without, let the fans still expect 4 people fit next time.相关的主题文章: