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The bus driver teach you cant go inside may mean that Chinese commercial news reporter Zheng Sanbo on the bus driver is silent, but if the driver suddenly opened the chatterbox, passengers may have to guard against. City Bus Group Chongqing public bus number issued a warm post bus driver words, we quickly look at it. "The bus driver said," to see the front of the 1 "crying at the door there were pickpockets" come, come, do not plug in the car door." You should be on the alert when the driver shouts. Sometimes the pickpocket would deliberately blocked the car door, creating a crowded effect, walk along your belongings unnoticed in the crowd. 2 car "go inside" pickpocket eye on your car, when the driver said: "the young man, quickly go inside, grab your stuff." You should pay attention to, you may have been eyeing the pickpocket. Some will deliberately blocking the driver’s line of sight in the pickpockets on the bus, passengers are surrounded by peer ready to start. 3 "to" the heart to remind passengers to Fangzei "little girl, what you move." Some drivers found passengers were thieves eyeing, will take the initiative to greet the passengers, such as asking where to get off, or not take a ride to say a few words seemingly superfluous words, is in fact to remind passengers to fangzei. 4 "to" find your hands "stubble pickpocket is your credit card here?" When the brush card, but the driver suddenly asked, don’t angry, this is probably one of the code words. There is such a case, the passenger’s bag was opened and the pickpocket passengers unaware, the driver will suddenly find passengers stubble: "you just punch?" To remind the passengers. 5 broadcast repeatedly put the driver found abnormal now is the peak ride, please take care of each other go inside, please take care of your belongings." When the driver repeatedly play this warm tips, you should be vigilant, and pay close attention to their bags and belongings, because it is possible that the driver has found something unusual. 6. The brakes are not encountered turning vehicle theft thief, the driver suddenly rang the car tips, "please turn the vehicle Caution!", which you. Especially in the absence of an emergency situation, the driver suddenly brakes, it probably is the thief by the hand has reached your wallet. The real case to punch the driver passengers to the passengers are picked in August 26th about 9:15 in the morning, the Southern Bus Driver Yudong branch 195 road master Gu driving away from Banan District Ganju station, passengers Zhang car. Since then, Gu teacher constantly urged him to swipe. I am very puzzled, when the car obviously brush the card, how the teacher is still calling me." Zhang said that he was in the car to sit in and out of the road 195, including a lot of drivers, including the master Gu are acquaintances. See the master called himself to re credit card, Mr. Zhang a little angry. "I brush the card, you did not see, what do you mean?" But the teacher looks like No.相关的主题文章: