Super girl will say goodbye to Hollywood from the live version of the little mermaid – Entertainment exit safe mode

"Super girl" will say goodbye to Hollywood from the live version of "the little mermaid" – Kolo Moritz entertainment Sohu will say goodbye to Hollywood (source: time network) according to U.S. media reports, the day before the festival in France Deauville Kolo grace Moretz announced that he will withdraw from all the plans for their new film. "Charge", which also includes high-profile universal reality fairy tale "the little mermaid". The 19 year old Moritz has starred in 55 movies, 2010 "kick ass" to let her fame. However, Moritz will choose to say goodbye to Hollywood in the crime film "November crime drama" Brain on "and Fire", she said in several films the rhythm let their tired work, the intensity of this let her forget gradually had chosen to show in the beginning of the heart, and will be transferred to the box office up: "I pushed off all the projects, I wish to take this opportunity to re-examine their own time to slow down." Although Moritz is growing up in the spotlight, but her face endless personal life was exposed still feel difficult. She admitted that she should see the positive side, even with Kim – Kardashian Twitter tear force incident, she also said he learned a lot from high school: "I think I was too focused on those not worth my attention. Everything should be a clamor indeed not wise, still do a bystander may be a wise choice." Next, he will also go to the Toronto Film Festival to participate in the premiere of the two new films, and then for the U.S. presidential election platform. In the suspension of their performances after the road, Moritz will have more experience on the producer of the post, two TV series will have her participation. Make this choice for only 19 year old Moritz, it surprised many people, but for her own is probably a good thing, before completely turned into commodities before retreats, perhaps in the future to become a new image for himself and the fans are happy.相关的主题文章: