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Su Yixian children’s brand advertising public display of pollution-free pure tidbits – Sohu Su Yixian Su Yixian Su Yixian smile entertainment Sohu Korean entertainment news Su Yixian and daughter India Shawn in children special brand advertising in the shooting scene, showing the dazzling "fact of chemical reaction and" caught the eye of the audience. In the open picture, Su Yixian and her daughter printed with a pure smile. Looks exactly like the mother and daughter of the lovely smiling eyes smile, triggering a happy virus. Also, Su Yixian is holding the head two lovely xiaobianer India Shawn, revealing a smiling face and sweet eyes, filled with the daughter of a mother’s tenderness, shows a happy mother and daughter model. According to the relevant staff revealed that day take a very long time, because of Su Yixian’s sweet smile and India Shawn’s lovely studio has been spoiled, laughter. See pictures of netizens said: really is a mold Carved Mother and daughter! Look at the pictures also unconsciously laughed, "Su Yixian, like Shane’s sister, Su Yixian, praising the" preservative beauty ", as an actor, my mother seemed to work hard, awesome!" "Lovely, drag Shane added vitality!" Waiting for a warm response. Su Yixian after the production of beauty is still in the June broadcast of the TV series, "the woman’s Secret" starred in the female, returned to the television industry. Su Yixian’s "Tai Chi Jiang" in the play, serious performance pure and strong role of famous acting high-profile career and family at the same time, the success of the ‘occupation mother’ image. She became a housewife’s idol, is a warm welcome. In addition, Su Yixian,, Kim and other stars in the KBS drama series, "the secret of women" every Monday to Friday evening 7:50 broadcast.   相关的主题文章: