Sichuan, a school trap internship storm 77 students do not want to practice (video) denka

A school in Sichuan "Internship storm" 77 students do not want to practice for this continuous coverage of Sichuan automobile Career Technical College internship storm ", October 24th, the school officially responded and said it had 77 students back to school to practice, and is looking for its new internship units. At the same time, the school said, in response to the problems reflected in practice, a series of rectification. In the future, the school will strengthen communication with students, and strive to make students happy internship." Responsible person told the WCC reporter related to the school, the students’ understanding, with post internship, and Junior internship, is mainly to let students know and understand the enterprise. At the same time, this practice by students voluntarily, not to practice the students can stay in school. The school said: students to enterprises, and equal pay master workers, by the enterprise according to the enterprise standard monthly internship wages paid to the students, the school did not buckle students pay, "the school never prescribed the internship and graduation certificate linked". The school is planning to present other internship opportunities, Sichuan automobile Career Technical College sophomore, 77 students from Hangzhou, Hefei and Wuhu to return to school. In October 21st, the school has contacted a number of enterprises, for those who do not want to practice in a foreign student, looking for new internship opportunities. According to the practice of school storm ", also released the" note ": according to the Ministry of education and other five departments issued the" occupation school students practice management regulations ", occupation colleges should in accordance with the objectives and requirements of professional training and training plan arrangement, by the arrangement of the school or the occupation occupation school approved to the enterprise (thing) industry and other units for practical education teaching professional skills training, including the understanding of practice, with post internship and internship etc.. The relevant person in charge told reporters that it is in the spirit of the document, the school has arranged internships. After 2015 years of basic courses and professional courses, the students have a certain basic knowledge of the basic theory." In order to be able to better learn professional courses in the two grade, master professional knowledge, so in the third semester of internship and internship arrangements. At the same time, the responsible person said, the students out of school before practice, try our best to advance the practice information release, making presentations to students, and then arrange a number of teachers to visit, to the end of the study and selected 17 teachers and 1 vice president led, and students went to the factory, and ate full participation student management. "Try to make the students happy to complete the internship," we have been reluctant to practice students are back." The responsible person, these students are now in school, the school also contact the local enterprises to provide new internship positions for these students, "a financial company, sales company, 4S shop, to help them gain a better business, this will improve the skills". The school official also said that in the future there will be internships, students will do a good job in advance communication with the students to practice in a happy, but more importantly, as well as the spirit of the students to endure hardship training. "Pay more attention to the students’ hands-on ability of our occupation colleges, this ability will need to obtain in practice, in the first trial." The person in charge told reporters相关的主题文章: