Shaoxing Deqing 1 hour commuter rail transportation will cover the metropolitan area of Hangzhou xpphone

Shaoxing Deqing 1 hours commuting Hangzhou rail transportation will cover the metropolitan area recently, Hangzhou municipal government held a special meeting to review the plan, "Hangzhou metropolitan area plan" and other documents. Among them, the planning involves Hangzhou, Jiaxing, Huzhou, Shaoxing and other relevant cities and counties. Planning, referred to the need to strengthen the support and guidance of Urban Rail Transit Development: the realization of the metropolitan areas of High Speed Rail + intercity full coverage. Construction of 8 metropolitan area rapid rail transit network, and strengthen the interconnection of urban traffic, the construction of the metropolitan area, 1 hours commuting circle". Transportation network in the near future project Beltway West Railway, Hangzhou, Hangzhou Pro rich rail rail lines, rail lines, Hangzhou Hangzhou Shaoxing sea rail line Beijing Hangzhou canal, two channel, Hangzhou railway high yellow. The provincial development and Reform Commission on the Hangzhou to Fuyang intercity railway project preliminary design approval, announced the specific location of the Hang Hang intercity railway stations. Hang Fu inter city railway line length of about 23.50 km, set up a station of 11, the average station spacing of about 2.3 km. This year has started construction. The Hangzhou intercity railway, in Hangzhou Metro Line 5 station (green Ting Road and Metro Line 5 transfer), finally Ling’an City Jin South Metro station, a total length of 34.9 km. Castle Lake Science and technology city is located in the region of the experimental section of the line, has started construction in December 29th last year, is expected to be completed in 2017. Before the end of this year, Hangzhou intercity railway will be completed across the board, is expected to be completed in 2019 and metro line 5. Hangzhou to Shaoxing intercity railway project in Hangzhou District of Xiaoshan in Hangzhou and Xiangzhang Road station, Metro Line 5 transfer, finally Shaoxing city Keqiao district de young road station, and Shaoxing Metro Line 1 line through the operation. Construction period of about 49 months, is expected to be completed in 2020. Line length of 20.3 km. Station 9, respectively: camphor Road Station (Hangzhou Metro Line 5), Ya Yang xunqiao, in front of station, Qian Qing station, Xisha Road station, Lake Road station, Jishan Road station, Ke Hua Road station, de young road station, Xisha Road station to be clear in the station between the 1 reserve money elevated site conditions. Test section has been started construction in July. Hangzhou Haining intercity railway project in Hangzhou District of Yuhang City, Linping Yuhang high speed rail station, finally the main city of Haining station pik. Line length of 47.72 km, a total of the station set up a total of more than 12, and in the west side of the road junction Ting Ting Ting Road Station (reserved for the station conditions). The first section of the line starting point is located in the project through the Shanghai Hangzhou high-speed railway and Shanghai Hangzhou Expressway after the Youth Road, located in the end point of zhouwangmiao town station. The first paragraph of the construction period of 27 months. At present, the inter city railway has been moved to work, the entire project is expected to be completed in 2020.相关的主题文章: