Sexy beauty built slag male clear plan group plus men do it bree daniels

Sexy beauty "male slag elimination program" designed and dry a few days before this man, when a teacher in WeChat brush, suddenly a very sexy photo to add him as a friend, Mr. Zhang did not want to think with her, and became friends after the beauty is also very active. Nothing will take the initiative to find a teacher talk for a few, two people getting warm. But Zhang did not know, he is trapped in the beauty of the slag male clearance program, then this slag male clearance program in the end is what? The spring tide gentleman gives everybody careful way…… Beauty to master Zhang did a thing one day, please help beauty Master Zhang said, is the need to use the mobile phone Master Zhang, Zhang master readily agreed, he did not think the mobile phone has become a "brick". You don’t know what is the tide to the "brick" buddy explain, mobile phone becomes a brick is lost into the mobile phone mode, this mode is remote lock by mobile phone, a mobile phone can not call, not the Internet two. Just when the master took a brick phone no way, he found the lock on the phone screen automatically appeared a so-called unlock expert contact. Added the unlock experts, WeChat, the other said the need to break 680 yuan. Taking into account not cracked, Apple phone is equivalent to waste, Zhang master helpless, only to the other party sent a 680 yuan red envelope. Sexy beauty is actually…… Hey, how can enter the mobile phone loss pattern? Police said that this is the sexy beauty moving hands and feet. Online beauty, in fact, 3 young men. They first in a variety of online chat tools to register the account, the beauty of the picture as a head, the album and put a few photos of Zhang Meinv, disguised himself as a beauty". A sexy beauty, they add friends in the network platform, but most men will choose to. After becoming a friend, the so-called beauty is also particularly active, from time to time to talk to you for a while, or ask you to help set a fast food. The key step is "beautiful" spoiled, let you help in your mobile phone to log on a "she" ID. This is an accident, the other 5 seconds to remotely lock your Apple phone, and then the average person can only pay to unlock. According to the police, there is a lot of this cheat to people, according to the "beauty" himself, they successfully lured more than and 20 people, now has 8, 9 verified cases. The 3 boys do play this kind of thing it is understood that the 3 lads originally made the business of electricity providers, because of being deceived by this way, they feel any beauty chat accosted behavior is not good, want to punish these and his people made the same mistake. To this end, they also deliberately set up a slag male clearance group". After verification of the police, half of the victims in the phone is not locked after the alarm, but chose to give money to the private. Currently, 3 young men have been under criminal detention by the police.相关的主题文章: