Russian long-range wide body aircraft planned developing aircraft assembly will be completed in Shan chompoo araya

Russian long-range wide body aircraft planned developing aircraft assembly will be completed in Shanghai – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Shanghai, November 2 (reporter Jia Yuankun) reporter learned from the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, November 2nd, in the Eleventh Zhuhai international airshow, Chinese commercial aircraft company for the first time with 1:10 ratio widebody model Airshow debut. At present, the Chinese and Russian companies have developed a project implementation plan, the aircraft assembly will be completed in Shanghai. Russia is in the long-range wide body aircraft comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Russia deeply under the background of the development of cooperation between enterprises of the two countries in the field of high-tech strategic cooperation projects. Through the extensive market research and joint demonstration, in June 25th this year, China commercial aircraft company and the Russian United aircraft group signed a joint venture contract, Sino Russian business development widebody formally established partnerships. The two sides will carry out research work in accordance with the principle of reciprocity, the formation of a joint venture company in Shanghai as the main body of the project implementation. At present, the joint venture registration approval process has been started, is expected to be formally operational during the year, the aircraft assembly completed in Shanghai. Russian long-range wide body aircraft with double channel cabin layout, the basic range of 12000 kilometers, a level of 280; through the use of advanced aerodynamic design, extensive application of composite materials, assembling a new generation of high bypass ratio turbofan engine to improve the comprehensive performance of aircraft, wide body aircraft will have lower than similar models for direct operating cost. On the basis of the basic type, it can meet the needs of different customers through the development of the extended and shortened series. Wide body aircraft will be in accordance with international airworthiness standards to develop the mainstream. According to the development experience, starting from the project to achieve the first flight is expected to take about 7 years to achieve product delivery is expected to take about 10 years. Wide bodied project will remain open, the preferred global supplier to participate in development. The supplier will be in the global tender, preferred experience, products have market competitiveness, willing to share the risk of suppliers. The supplier shall have the ability and experience to support the whole life cycle of the model, with a sound airworthiness assurance system, quality control system and customer support capabilities. The two sides encourage more suppliers to invest in local or joint venture production. Currently, the two companies are on the supplier RFI (information retrieval) reply to do joint assessment. In addition, China commercial aircraft production company ARJ21 new regional aircraft have been delivered and put into two routes, the market operation and sales in good condition; C919 airliner is preparing for the first flight of the work steadily.相关的主题文章: