Prevention of allergic rhinitis in autumn denka

Autumn to prevent the onset of allergic rhinitis in autumn is the season of high incidence of allergic rhinitis. Dry air, high wind speed, and a large number of plant pollen, the allergic rhinitis with the condition of at least   allergic rhinitis patients tend to cause great harm, nasal symptoms, respiratory disorders, and often cause headache, dizziness, memory loss, chest pain, chest tightness, lethargy and other symptoms. Seriously affect the work, learning, lower the quality of life. In addition, if you suffer from allergic rhinitis do not care, may cause bronchial asthma, allergic rhinitis may also cause allergic rhinitis, may also cause secretory otitis media and other diseases.   how to prevent allergic rhinitis in daily life?   1, far away from allergens. To prevent the invasion of the most important allergens. Faced with a wide variety of emerging allergens, people need to pay attention to the daily life, to find out the factors associated with the onset of allergies.   2, early diagnosis and early treatment. At present, there are about more than 100 million people suffering from allergic rhinitis. People with severe allergic rhinitis, sleep is affected by about 70%. Effect of allergic rhinitis on the quality of life even more than the major diseases such as hypertension and diabetes, and allergic rhinitis may with otitis media, sinusitis and nasal polyps and other diseases, greater harm to health.   3, strengthen exercise, work and rest. To maintain good sleep, regular exercise, such as walking, gymnastics, Tai Chi, swimming, etc., improve immunity and resistance to allergens.   4, wash your face with cold water. Wash your face every morning when you recommend the use of cold water, and can massage the nose, promote blood circulation, improve nasal immunity.   5, go out to wear masks. When the weather turns cold, you can wear a mask to keep the nose and warm moist, reduce the stimulation of cold air.相关的主题文章: