Pingtan charity supermarket opened for people with disabilities and difficult groups can receive fre shuyue

Pingtan charity supermarket opened the disabled and disadvantaged groups can receive free goods is charity charity supermarket form prevailing in the world, mainly for low income and low income families for free and low-cost sales of social donations assistance. Charity Supermarket is a platform for our care for vulnerable groups, where we will set up a charity counter, caring people can donate to the supermarket. People with disabilities and difficult groups can get a free inside the charity clothing or daily necessities." District Social Affairs Bureau, said Weng Bin, director of civil affairs. Joint letter Charity Supermarket is located in Garden Road, Xinxin county area, the reporter noted that the supermarket hall is equipped with customer service desk, equipped with a full-time staff responsible for receiving the love of enterprises and individuals to donate items. At the same time, the supermarket has charity area, specially arranged for social donations after finishing, for subsistence allowances, free access to needy households. Loving service platform is also placed a donation box, accept charitable donations, donations will be turned over to the civil affairs department. According to reports, the joint letter charity supermarket prices lower than the market price of 5%-10%, and for the disabled, low-income, sanitation workers and other needy people love shopping card payment card can enjoy preferential price discount. In addition, the civil affairs department will regularly donate free love delivery card issued to subsistence allowances for needy people. This opened a joint letter to the Civil Affairs Department of the donation Charity Supermarket bag of rice 3160, soybean oil 3180 bottles, pumping paper bag 1580, the total value of 160 thousand yuan, are distributed free of charge to the beneficiaries, and subsistence households. In the future, "Charity Supermarket Based on the difficulties of the masses according to the increasingly diverse needs of the love supermarket from the pure material aid platform promoted to 3D platform in material support, spiritual care, mutual service three-in-one." Joint letter home Xinxin Supermarket Co. Ltd. executive director Lin Ping said, the future, the supermarket can also be for farmers and fishermen to sell agricultural products, aquatic products, to provide express transceiver, paying for utilities, community childcare, community elderly care service daily. In addition, the charity supermarket will also set up a love volunteer service team, will help and warmth to the needs of the people around. Plan to set up a mediation room and anti domestic violence shelters, provide psychological counseling and legal consultation etc..相关的主题文章: