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"Pillow 2" release countdown Tian Liu revealed the film Sohu "home entertainment aspect – Tian pillow 2" premiere entertainment Sohu horror film directed by Zhao Xiaoxi, Tian Jia, starring Zhao Huixian, Chen Ye, Hu Rui, Xue Wenjun, Wang Danwei starred in the horror movie "my face 2", will be landing in theaters nationwide on October 28th. As this Halloween file in one of the most anticipated movie, "pillow 2" official opening countdown mode, starring Tian Jiada in micro-blog fans spoilers of the movie spectacle. Warm male encounter supernatural events about recent film roles aspect full field pilot Trailer be logged on the major video sites, all the important role in appearance, and ghost stories in the film appalling, but also remarkable. "My face 2" tells the story of art connoisseur Wu Xitian ten years was a nightmare happened in a mysterious painting, she saw that in the dream the girl in his torture, friends went to a mountain villa to find the truth of the nightmare. Tian Jia in the film, not only for the audience to show he is familiar with the reliable warm male image, at the same time, he will also experience a series of bizarre horror supernatural events, more let the story added many mysterious elements. Both warm and touching emotional stories, thrilling mystery ancient house, so bizarre plot twists and turns, curious. In the gloomy villa, Tian home and friends to live to the end? The truth is more terrifying. Tian Jia "pants" poster exposure mysterious ancient house ghosts under the bed in the release of character posters, film actors or look strange or complex, a white house Tian but "blood", in the face of panic, gloomy old house in the background, more of the mysterious plot is full of curiosity. The film "my face 2" by the first half of 2013 my face "box office" will play the scenes, Zhao Xiaoxi is the director of the local cultural interpretation of the unique perspective of terror under a new. To achieve good results in a "pillow" encouraged by the "2" my face is behind the team spent three years preparing to shoot for the intentions, are fully upgraded stories and visual presentation, and strive to continue to bring the audience a visual and psychological double shock viewing experience.   相关的主题文章: