Photos 15 year old girl was mother the pit with bullet entry (video) candle june

Photos: 15 year old girl was mother "the pit" with the bullet entering in September 21st, the Luohu customs occurred to mother daughter carrying illegal weapons simulation and accessories immigration cases, seized weapons simulation accessories 32, lead 1500 grain. At present, the Customs has been on file for investigation, and small Zhang will be in the customs of the national network of law enforcement system to leave a bad case with the end of life. Said the bear child pit father pit mother, this time it is bear parents pit children, a pit for a lifetime! According to the time of the inspection officer recalled, took the bag from her hand when the feeling is very heavy, inside several packages of things with the plastic film and paper package thenightbeingdarkandfrosty. "At first, we thought it was just some parts, open look really be startled at the original was full of bullets, barrel, shell, spring guns and ammunition accessories, several boxes of high-powered lead bullets!" After inventory, the seized a total of 32 weapons simulation accessories, lead bombs of 1500. At present, the customs investigation. Zhang mother on the Internet to see the smuggling gangs in soliciting "water" with the goods, with these contraband tricks "make good", they want to make money and the fear of being found out, then come up with a "bad idea", that only less than 15 year old Zhang to help her, I thought I could conceal days over the sea. Everyone knows her daughter to defy the law, now things brought to light, waiting for them, will be legal sanctions. Zhang and young age due to illegal restriction of countries carrying items left in the customs law enforcement system of national network in a lifetime of bad record, really let people sigh. Editor’s note: this has nothing to do with the original video, for the extended reading system of drug trafficking homemade bullets terminally ill man rush into danger was eventually arrested相关的主题文章: