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Peter and Julie divorce his ex-wife clap: This is retribution! Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Original title: Peter and Julie divorce his ex-wife sound: This is Peter Julie and Peter karma and his ex-wife divorced in new network on 21 September, according to the "Taiwan times" reported China, Jennifer · and Brad · Aniston; Peter was the envy of everyone Hollywood couple, unexpectedly in 2004 Julie and Pitt, "Mrs Smith" when cooperation two, people burst fire, and the next year Jennifer announced the termination of marriage to Pitt; Now Peter and Julie divorce, the outside world is quite curious Jennifer, now she came to the opinion of "karma!" Pitt and Julie divorce, the media and fans for the first time the most want to know, what is lost to the small three year old Julie’s response to the reaction of the? There are a lot of friends in the online use of many of her happy divorce as reaction stills. According to foreign media reports, informed sources said the interpretation of Jennifer for Peter and Julie divorce is "yes, this is the karma", and said that Jennifer always felt two people finally will be what happened, but she had two people for marriage without any complaints. Informed sources also said that Jennifer think of Julie in terms of Pitt, is a more complex object, Peter is too simple!" But now she has found second spring, but also hope that Peter can find happiness again. (: when commissioning editor stay tuned for more exciting content) women @ Sina (micro-blog)相关的主题文章: