Panzhihua heavy rain caused 7 deaths and 9 people lost contact

7 people died and 9 were lost to Huaxi Dushi caused by torrential rain in Panzhihua (client reporter Xu Xiangdong) September 20th, WCC reporter from Panzhihua city of Sichuan Province, the emergency office was informed that the torrential rain on September 17th to 19 in Panzhihua City, has caused 7 deaths, 9 people missing and 11 injured. According to reports, September 17th 20 to 19, 15, Panzhihua city has a heavy rain, local heavy rain, the maximum rainfall of up to 309.1 mm. Among them, 18, 20 to 19, 15, 14 District, Renhe District Station 8 station rainstorm, torrential rain, Renhe district water reservoir rainfall, rainfall of 305.1 mm, the local maxima in 1965 since meteorological records. As of 22 pm on September 19th, torrential rain disaster has caused the death of 7 people (3 men and 4 women), 11 people were injured, of which 4 were seriously injured. Four agency Eastern Bank town of Panzhihua village lost 3 people, 6 people in Renhe district town lost. The heavy rainfall also caused a lot of damage to property, Renhe district service the rural primary and middle school by debris washed out, 18 reservoirs and mountain Pingtang danger. Town Village ural Silver Factory Jing group landslides, houses were buried. The township, the total area of the township, La Xiang power interruption. Renhe, Dadukou sewage treatment plant outage. Currently, the local has invested a lot of manpower and material resources to carry out disaster relief and resettlement of the masses. Heavy rain also led to Beijing Kunming expressway, State Road 108, 214, 216, 310, 86 landslides along the highway. As at 9:30 on the 20, 108 National Road has been restored access, other roads are stepping up repair.相关的主题文章: