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Olympic champion Tully couple Pang Wei become a garden city forest owners — real estate — people.com.cn note: This article belongs to people.com.cn published business information, the content does not represent the views for reference only. Good news! People familiar with the Olympic champion Pang Wei Tully officially became the owner of the garden city. What is the success of attracting them, so that the final choice of the future of this ecological wisdom of the city? The road to the championship is never easy to maintain the dream is known to all, the Olympic medals tend to bear too much symbolic meaning, and ultimately into the invisible pressure, conduction to the athlete’s shoulders. Review of Tully’s four Olympic Games, from the sky of 2004 Athens Olympic Games, to this year’s Olympic Games in Rio, she from last to the final championship battle, won the silver medal. The 2008 Beijing Olympics, Pang Wei to 688.2 ring won the gold medal in men’s 10 meter air pistol. Olympic champion Tully couple Pang Wei hands forever gun wrote a legend. Regardless of glory and failure, not to fall in the end is their love of shooting, perseverance, dream! Garden city forest also stems from a dream, Biguiyuan group chairman of the board of directors Yang Guoqiang once said: "hope to have a city, where life is safe and no vehicles on the ground through exterior walls are covered with plants, everywhere is a park, you can bask in the sun, running, swimming there." Forest city with a total investment of about $100 billion, the development cycle is expected to last up to 20 years, which is the dream of perseverance. Currently, this wisdom is the rapid rise of the ecological city of the future, a number of favorable policies continue to emerge, the project site popular hot, continued to usher in a number of batches of customers, visit the island". In the August 18th results conference, Biguiyuan President Mo Bin introduced by the forest city "quotas" principle, according to the market reaction gradually promoting the project, and announced the forest city sales exceeded 10 billion yuan, and ongoing sales. Champion spirit and artisan spirit concentrated on online attention and excellence during the Olympic Games crazy a science transfer stickers, let everyone see light suddenly, the original in the Olympic shooting game, a target about and 1 yuan coin size, to hit targets far harder than anyone thought. Thus, in the field, the Olympic champion and his wife Pang Wei Tully can achieve excellent results, are derived from the years of painstaking attention to do a thing, for each technical details continue to improve. The spirit of excellence also runs through the development process of the garden group, in the details of each house. Tully couple visited the forest city sand such as garden forest city launched the "behind the 1+1" apartment layout, is the garden of R & D center to do a number of research after that program, which Biguiyuan group board of directors chairman Yang Guoqiang personally changed 8 times. Yang Guoqiang had discovered that the design of the outdoor stairs designed by researchers only in accordance with the national standards for the design of 300 mm wide, and immediately asked to change the width of the bench for the garden standard of 350 mm. Because only to reach this width, to ensure that the majority of the number of feet can be completely on the steps. )相关的主题文章: