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Ningbo butterfly family has added 4 new members have found up to the kind of Ningbo butterfly list of more than 4 new members added to the list. Yesterday, the director of the wildlife protection association, butterfly expert Lin Hailun told reporters a good news, recently, he has discovered 4 new species of rare butterflies. Of the four species of butterflies are the tail Diane satyrid Satyridae and lethe confusa, Nymphalidae Nymphalidae and decorated in the Hesperiidae bibasis gomata. Lin Hailun began to investigate the species and ecology of butterflies in Ningbo in 1989. After 27 years, the basic situation of the Ningbo butterfly. In recent years, up to an average of only a new species found this year, suddenly found 4 kinds, very pleasant surprise!" At present, there are 205 species of butterflies found in Ningbo. "Lech deep see, energy-saving." The annual butterfly butterfly dancing season, not the beauty of nature. By the end of 2015, there were 201 species of butterflies in Ningbo. The new discovery plus tail Diane graylings, lethe confusa, Vanessa and decorated bibasis gomata 4 butterfly, at present, Ningbo has collected 11 families and 205 species of butterflies. Among them, there are 63 kinds of rare butterflies, after the 6 South migratory butterfly. The butterfly, the largest butterfly is golden Birdwing wings, up to 20 cm, which is relatively rare in Ningbo. The butterfly is the smallest pseudozizeeria Maha, only 1 cm in size, flowers and leaves in the Park saw the flapping wings of blue grey elves everywhere." The ornamental butterfly is mainly distributed in the Papilionidae, Pieridae and Nymphalidae, Danaidae and Lycaenidae these categories, including most types of rare gold Birdwing, agehana elwesi helcyra subalba, anthocharis bambusarum, orange wings and love flower butterfly 5 stare. Diane satyrid tail found: a rainy day in Yuyao four mountain altitude of nearly 1000 meters high in June this year, Lin Helen inspected the plant in the nearby four mountain forest farm of Ningbo ridge, found the tail Diane graylings, it is light brown, slightly lighter than the lethe christophi. Not the same with other Diane satyrid is Diane satyrid urogomphi tail is long triangle hind wings. Forewing and hindwing edge have tan markings, hind wing markings is particularly evident, and there are 6 clear small dot eye spot. Refer to "Zhejiang Rhopalocerorum sinensium", Lin Helen identified is really the tip of the tail Diane satyrid butterfly. "The wild, sharp tailed Diane graylings are not easy to be found, not only because it is rare in Ningbo, within the scope of Zhejiang is also very rare." Lethe confusa found: Ninghai City, a town of cattle village of Sanmen Bay seaside last month, Helen went to Ninghai to study the Sanmen Bay Beach forest. A grey Diane satyrid was found in a leaf of citrus, it’s on the forewings have a white ribbon pattern. "This is the lethe confusa, although before have seen this butterfly, but did not confirm the close finally confirm their identity." At present, in Ningbo, lethe butterfly Satyridae largest group. In addition to the new lethe confusa and sharp tailed Diane graylings, Ningbo has found 7 kinds of butterfly lethe. Among them, even they Wendai graylings, Qu Dai Wen is a species of the more common types of lethe Europa is very rare. "At this point," Zhejiang butterfly records.相关的主题文章: