Nine kinds of common law and resolve the Fengshui Shaqi avoid sworn revenge oboni

Nine kinds of common law and resolve the Fengshui Shaqi avoid sworn revenge if you noticed?? recent emotional problems of his family? Their anger, depression, or fret about what causes it? If you pay attention to the nine most common Fengshui Shaqi? If not, you might as well take a look at the Xiaobian I bring you crack method. ?? 1 sharp furys? Residential door made? Very sharp. The health of family members will be greatly affected, for some chronic diseases, especially pain and bleeding disorder, prone to recurrent, causing sprains, wounds like injury. Solution: can be placed in the window lion bite sword. ?? 2 in the top center of evil?? refers to the residential face formed lamp posts or poles of evil spirits, the owner easily tempered, not easy to communicate, and prone to vision loss or sworn revenge. ?? Solution: put the coins will be white. ? 3 open the door? In the face of the elevator door to the door of the house made a "crime"". Cause bad, keep money, family members are likely to get sick the opposite effect, and easy to get sworn revenge. ?? Solution: put a lion bite sword, with silver tips, or placed a pair of bronze lions bite or sword day beast. ?? 4 days cut furys?? residential door face between two buildings, is guilty of "evil day cut". Effect of day cut evil is extremely strong, easy to dispute between House members, to have sworn revenge is susceptible, or need surgery disease. If the shop is not prosperous wealth. ?? Solution: put on two silver dragon turtle or tips to resolve. "5" reflect the traditional meaning of "reflection" refers to the house near the sea, the sea will be reflected by the sun will be reflected in the house, will make the human brain is slow, the spirit is not concentrated. Reflective evil in the modern sense is in the commercial center near the glass curtain wall by light after reflection to their place of residence, will make people have sworn revenge or collision injury. ?? 6 through furys?? in the subway or tunnel on the cover of the house, is guilty of "piercing evil", driving through the housing from below, its influence is: low rise residential unit house instability, poor finances, and residents health and less prone to sworn revenge. Solution: put the copper gourd and mantra, can avoid the ground through evil caused by repeated luck. ?? Solution: dissolve the ground through evil is the gate placed eight white jade, and five emperors of ancient coins of Wenchang tower. ?? 7 knife evil spirit building wall?? homes across the building and the building is not aligned and their own, then flat its walls wall like a knife as direct to home window cut over, it will result in a "wall of knife evil spirit to the house". Note that the impact of this "wall knife" is very serious, if you find, please be sure to improve as soon as possible! The wall "knife evil spirit" will affect the owner’s health, especially easy to cause the accident of sworn revenge. ?? Solution: cut hang in the mirror wall "knife" can be resolved. "Long wall knife" (i.e. the building across the Great Wall, avoid long) need to resolve the mountain town. Whether it is or will mirror mountain town like a shield wall will dissolve the knife evil spirits. 8?????????????相关的主题文章: