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The new version of "Mermaid" Tom – Hanks is pleased to return quietly in preparation for the Sohu 84 years entertainment version of "Mermaid" Channing Tatum POSTER "beauty fish male" Sohu entertainment news (text Da son) two Oscar best actor winner Tom Hanks, recently in the United States Code "Dante" Premiere "leaked" secret Disney film company investment shooting new romantic comedy film "Mermaid", and he may also have the slightest. In 1984 Hanks had starred in the original "Mermaid", "password" is also a director of Dante Lang Howard, is now preparing for the new version will also be played by Howard producer. When asked if he would like to return to the new version, Hanks’s answer is clear: why not? That’s interesting! To determine if they need me, I will return to this movie again, I can play Aaron and Channing Tatum together play, the movie will be very interesting." It is worth mentioning that, if Hanks really return a new version of "Mermaid", so this time he met is not the "Mermaid", but a very sexy beautiful fish". According to foreign media revealed before the news, the movie version of the story will have great creative subversive, Tatum is likely to play a "handsome fish", but the actress is a desire to get the love of normal women. Screenwriter turned a – Baer is expected to play the female lead. These two people do not have the intersection, the new relationship established in the film very concerned. In 1984 produced the old version of the "Mermaid", young Tom – Hanks is the most well known idol youth film, the film tells the story of a touching story happened between a head and a mermaiden Leng qing. Although the film "comes from the ancient fairy tale, but looks fresh and refined, highly ornamental. After the old version of the Director Ron Howard in the Hollywood a stunning success and won the Oscar Award for best director, and this version of "Mermaid" by Howard as producer, Tatum also joined the production team. The new version of the "Mermaid" in the gender will be the biggest selling point of the film, the body of the proud Tatum or an unprecedented image appeared on the big screen. Who wrote the "four corners of love" scriptwriter Lewis Ryan, is writing the script for the film. The movie is expected in early next year was officially put on the shooting schedule, 2018 landed in North American cinemas.相关的主题文章: