Men’s online play and talk about love airline stewardess buddy buddy pit more than 10 thousand (vide peepsamurai

Men’s online play and talk about "love" airline stewardess buddy buddy pit on the network more than 10 thousand years earlier, there is a saying: you do not know the opposite to chat with you, is a white Formica or "dwarf dwarfish poor". Said not without reason. Recently, Yangzhou City, Gaoyou public Zhang talked about a love with vigour and vitality. But he found that the girl was actually his iron man Hu, Zhang broke the wealth, but also hurt the heart. At the beginning of this year, Zhang and Hu Hu friends go out to work with a hotel. The evening of two single by open mobile phone QQ, by looking for people in the vicinity to pass the time. Hu used his trumpet to greet people nearby, and found his friends on the line, he added his friend with the trumpet. Hu used his "little rabbit" female trumpet with Zhang began to friends, just kidding. But in July, because of the tight, he had a bad idea: the initiation of such an idea, the use of their own trumpet, with his friends to borrow money. Zhang Zhang nearly 30 years, is anxious to find objects. So Hu use "little rabbit" the trumpet, sang a "notorious", hit the soft underbelly of zhang. Hu on the use of the trumpet with his friends, he is a flight attendant, Gaoyou, in Nanjing to do flight attendants, on the QQ with his understanding is also a kind of fate. For the purpose of Zhang Hu also said, "I know myself" the beauty of Gaoyou, if you have what the development of the later, can help you go. So, Hu one plays two roles in Zhang flicker, it is difficult to extricate themselves, "little rabbit" is everything. The victim wants to pursue her psychological, divided into three times for a total of ten thousand yuan RMB, the reason is to apply the accountant training, rent a house in Nanjing, the last time from the field back to Nanjing, did not have money to buy tickets. Until one day in August, Zhang saw a paragraph in the text of a QQ, he realized that he was a good brother to pit. Originally, Hu himself confused QQ section properties, with my QQ number; however, but with little rabbit tone and talk, chat with the victim. Ultimately, the court to fraud and sentenced Hu to 3 months detention, suspended for six months and fined ten thousand yuan. Extended video: love has nothing to do with the original 12 year old girl was the man lured home abuse, that girl is 17 years old!相关的主题文章: