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Man peeping female neighbor on the toilet was found slashed her husband child Taiwanese network (micro-blog) in October 14th – the 47 year old Zhang Ping, 19 years in jail, can not let his life go on the right way. Out of prison for more than 1 years, and because of his crime, jailed again. Peep female toilet, Zhang Mouping was found questioning by the accused. Do not want to, he had a father and daughter with a kitchen knife and chopped. Yesterday, Shishi court verdicts, the defendant Zhang Ping guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to 14 years imprisonment, deprived of political rights for 3 years, and incidental civil plaintiff compensation for medical expenses, nursing expenses and other expenses, totaling 29521.1 yuan. Peeping toilet was found, but also a threat to the party a miss three rented in Shishi Feng Li Jinsheng Road apartment 601 room, and Zhang Mouping rental in room 603, two people across the corridor, and a public toilets. Although neighbors, but do not know each other. On the morning of December 20th last year, Ms. Lai went to public toilets to urinate, her husband and children in the room bed rest. All of a sudden I saw someone peeping under the door, and I opened the door and saw a man running into room 603." Ms. Lai said, she went in and asked why the other side to peep her toilet. At the same time, the room is sleeping with his daughter, Mr. Yan, heard his wife shouting, someone was watching me on the toilet, you hurry out, he also came to help, with the other side of the theory. "You are a big man, why should a woman on the toilet." Mr. Yan asked each other, "I get bored, I do not want to live." "I don’t want to live, I have personally committed" reply. Two men at the same time, Ms. Lai is down to the first floor to call the landlord Ms. fan came to help solve. Father to save the girl, with multiple stab wounds in this period, when Mr. Yan said "you can’t like this, or I’ll call the police," returned to their room for about one minute after the accident. Mr. Yan said, Zhang Mouping took the knife first to lie on the bed of the daughter cut past, saw this, he quickly left arm Qudang knife, the first knife cut to his arm, her daughter escaped, but Zhang Mouping did not give up, but continue to cut with a knife to the daughter. When Mr. Yan in to save the woman, is the daughter of a knife block when he was 27 years old, not because of the strength of Zhang Mouping, knife from the knife down, the daughter Lei Lei face cut, blood red quilt, pillow. And Zhang Mouping knife toward Mr. Yan neck cut a few knife down, Mr. Yan multiple injuries, then, Mr. Yan with his right hand grabbed Zhang Mouping’s knife, the blade is he pulled out, handle in Zhang Mouping’s hand, Mr. Yan by foot blade will kick into the bed, continue to struggle with a flat. "Without a knife, he pinched my neck with my hand." Mr. Yan said he was forced to break free. Subsequently, Zhang Ping will tentacles bud bud, grabbed her neck, Mr. Yan is forced to break the injured Zhang Mouping’s hand, do not let the other side to pinch her daughter, but broke a hand, another hand Zhang Mouping also fell on her neck. At this time, Ms. Lai shouted the landlord, quickly climbed to the six floor, see the daughter is covered with blood, quickly stepped forward to support each other when the other hand, her daughter ran downstairs. After the landlord arrived, while the police side;相关的主题文章: