Live can make art into a new network of red sexinse

Live can make art become a new network called "red 2016 mobile video broadcast the first year", Wenwan art trading experience in the store, Taobao store, micro business, has also made live video express. More and more businesses start by Wenwan, art video broadcast platform for sales promotion. In addition, the professional collection site also began to participate in the work of art trading platform for video broadcast. This video broadcast as a carrier of the trading mode can be all-round display auction, helps to attract fans, increase sales. However, in the light of the enthusiasm for the consumption of art, while this is not subject to policy and regulation of art forms of trade are also plagued by the problem of online transactions. Live video into a new hot art market in recent years, along with the development of the Internet tide, all kinds of video broadcast platform, such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like emerge. The rapid development of the Internet has also brought opportunities for the development of art trade, and has aroused widespread concern and repercussions in young people. In many of the world’s antique city facing bankruptcy, micro providers already difficult to chengqihou today, more and more businesses to play art video broadcast, video broadcast platform has become businessmen art trading under a territory. The first is for sale at WeChat, a team of seven or eight people each, all can fill 5000 people, we are doing the first wave of micro business, then is the derivative of the most popular, but from the beginning of last year, WeChat’s sales continued to decline, so this year the team began to live video in YY voice in the store, through live video in the form of the sale of our cultural art, every day about six hours." The general manager of Beijing North Red Jewelry Co. Ltd. An Gang told the Beijing Daily reporter, "general line every day there are more than and 100 people to pay attention to our live, a good time to reach more than and 300 people, it is good for one to sell Wenwan based anchor for art, a good time to sell twenty thousand or thirty thousand a day, the store it is difficult to earn the number." In addition to the owner of the spontaneous broadcast live on the platform, in the face of growing demand for businesses in the market, there have been a number of dedicated to the art trade based video live trading platform. China App Chinese collection network is based on these resources, will be the first vertical integration and art auction in the form of live video broadcast platform. Beijing Daily reporter learned that the trial of the App, the platform of video live auction every number of onlookers in more than a thousand people, participants bidding enthusiastically, the business side of the live auction to explain in detail, answered the auction problem, in addition to the beautiful anchor, and some businesses will according to different special invite famous experts in the industry as the anchor increase, professional and authoritative video broadcast. But the auction is relatively low standard of art wenwan. The Chinese collection network operations director Lu Ting said that the form of online transactions compared to the previous, live video from the previous text and pictures into now live video mode, everyone’s acceptance and participation will be higher. Online trading is common video broadcast this transaction form of the real-time interactive function to play to the extreme, painting相关的主题文章: