Liuyang man made cans torpedo fish is not from the hands of explosion

Liuyang man made cans "torpedo" fish left hand explosion (original title: man of self-made cans "torpedo" fish has not left hand on the bombing) the afternoon of September 19th, Hunan province Liuyang chengchong town and village of Liuyang River, with a bang, a man should be poured into the river in the smoke of sound. The loud noise is a homemade "cans" torpedo "was ready to use it to fish the local villagers Hwang, not only lost their right hand, and almost lost his life. Fortunately, crossing the villagers found in time, it will fall into a coma Hwang rescued on the shore. Great man fell into the water, the villagers together to rescue "did not notice a man river, to the river when I suddenly heard a huge explosion." Witnesses and villagers said Mr. Li, a man fell, and fell into the river. After realizing that someone was in danger and fell into the water, Li Xiansheng ran to the scene, while shouting for help, the villagers also heard the sound of Mr. Huang also immediately rushed over. "We probably ran into the river in more than and 10 seconds." Mr Wong said that when he looked into the river in a look, in front of the scene surprised him, "a man fell unconscious in the water". When two people together the drowning man fishing ashore, they discovered that the man is a village 45 year old villager Huang, while the right hand is gone. Pull ashore, Lee immediately hand tightly grabbed Hwang’s arm to stop the blood loss, Mr. Huang will call the 120 emergency call. Homemade cans "torpedo", "we are in the hands of the explosion around 5:40 arrived on the scene, the injured have been very weak." According to emergency personnel, palm can not find, so to the hospital, had to do amputation, as much as possible to save the body. 20 am, the reporter came to the hospital, Hwang has regained consciousness, but because of excessive bleeding reasons, looks very weak. "I got a little gunpowder with a filling of rice pudding cans’ torpedo ‘, to the river to fish." Hwang said that because of improper use of lead, it caused a rapid explosion. As for the source of gunpowder, Huang said, he had to work in Yueyang a fireworks factory, brings home a little gunpowder. It is learned that he was rescued by the village two villagers, Huang said, he will definitely come after rehabilitation, thanks. (Liuyang daily)相关的主题文章: