[Liaoning] brother Daliaohe millionaires said there were 32000 people! lata-01

[Liaoning] brother Daliaohe millionaires said there were 32000 people! By May 2016, there were about 1 million 340 thousand millionaires in mainland China, with a total of billionaires of 89 thousand, accounting for about 0.1% of China’s total population. Liaoning a total of 32000 people, accounting for Liaoning’s resident population of 0.07%. That is to say, there are 10 millionaires throughout the country every 10 thousand people, every 10 thousand people in there are 7 millionaires! Word days ah! Brother side how did not hit a? Are you hiding too deep? Liao brother every day is like this: yogurt lick caps we open a bottle of yogurt at home, we are rushing to lick the bottle, to drink the mouth. Sometimes the water rinse the bottle, a yogurt drink clean. Don’t eat snacks each eat potato chips, popcorn slag, the last is carrying a bag into the mouth, one not careful will choke, eating and licked his fingers. Well, there is a taste of the old children to pick up the old clothes to wear a child grow faster, the total can not afford to buy new clothes, usually pick up relatives of the children’s old clothes. When the father later learned that the school provides uniforms, it is the love of parents ah! Lunch at noon to eat hundreds of meals canteen with a spoon, see understanding of the past, a word dig meal, a circle down the belly, feelings are deep, see how clever brother! Buy socks socks with holes to buy black, wearing the black toe drain with a black mark pen, save money but also save water by shaking out ~ shampoo shampoo out? Don’t throw it first! Add a little water can also use a two or three back. Make fun of! Downstairs supermarket has not discounted! Brother felt mixed bad, and a friend said, their response is this: @ fawn: I always ask the bakery, have expired bread tomorrow. @ arsenal: what is not said, directly above. If you don’t blow the northwest wind tomorrow, I’ll go hungry again. In a word is a word: have the ability to Colombia and daliaohe! Poor! Ah!相关的主题文章: