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KingSun shareholders deposed vice chairman   or to change short-term personnel – energy – in early September, KingSun a controlling shareholder of the proposed removal of vice chairman Bill caused the market attention. While the September 26th KingSun meeting of shareholders has passed the bill. There is a market for "Chinese business newspaper" reporter said, with the transition from LED to KingSun industry education industry, the company in the short term the personnel changes or will continue. Based on KingSun future strategic development and industrial layout, the company restructuring considerations, September 6th, the controlling shareholder of Qinshang group rarely offer Zhao Jun as vice chairman. Then the board of directors of the listed company passed the bill. According KingSun September 27th disclosed information shows that in September 26th the shareholders’ meeting, attend site meeting and online voting shareholders (including proxies) a total of 14 people, representing the number of shares with voting rights to 325 million shares, accounting for 34.6606% of the total shares kingsun. In the vote on the removal of vice chairman Bill, agreed to the number of shares 325 million shares, accounting for 99.9969% of the shares to attend the meeting held by all shareholders; against the number of shares 10 thousand shares, accounting for 0.0031% of the shares to attend the meeting held by all shareholders; abstained 0 shares, accounting for the shares held by all shareholders attending the meeting of the 0%. In other words, the recall motion has been approved by the general meeting of shareholders. The vice chairman of the board after the departure, will be the second time this year, KingSun personnel changes. The last time was in May, deputy general manager of the company casting for personal reasons to apply for resignation. KingSun is currently from the LED industry breakthrough in education industry. In August 19th this year, KingSun announced that the company issued shares to buy 100% stake in Guangzhou Longwen education has completed the transfer of Guangzhou, Longwen education has become a wholly owned subsidiary of qinshang. LEDinside analysis department director Wang Fei told reporters recently, do not rule out further changes in short-term inside the photoelectric internal personnel will. The listed company’s LED business may sell to large shareholders like, do not focus on investment, responsible for LED business executives can enjoy the resources may be reduced. As a result, some executives to develop space is limited, which will eventually choose to leave." Previously, tracking KingSun industry analyst told reporters that the KingSun education industry development to extend, the listed companies will be appropriate human resources to the education industry tilt. Wang Fei also told reporters that in the short term, KingSun frequent personnel changes, will inevitably affect the original LED business, but to see the necessity of the transformation of the company. "Why does the company have to transform? The reason is that its competitiveness in the LED industry is not as good as other competitors in the industry. Each industry can not do it for a long time, each industry has a life cycle, and the life of the enterprise is often longer than the industry cycle. Enterprises to survive for a long time, it is necessary to find new profit point. Like a hundred years of business, many are after a number of industry restructuring and development to the present." However, the ground on the ground相关的主题文章: