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Joker Kengpian   but a lifetime to do skin a flea for its hide free concert — entertainment channel — original title: Joker Kengpian is a lifetime to do skin a flea for its hide free concert Li Yinhe Book happy scene recorded chorus fans Joker notice fee received were the focus map, the scene signed Joker and Li Yong Joker in "idol this sauce" aunt     think you are such a Joker! This idol aired on Friday. "Sauce", Joker funny than on the line, the program group for cheeseparer "Xue boss" tailored on the "money" dilemma, but did not expect blown out of a big man There was no parallel in history. terminator! With Joker borrow money? You don’t have to return twenty thousand! When you borrow money and "cheeseparer" Joker, how he will react? "Idol" should set up a dilemma aunt sauce such as "Xue boss:" a friend never returned to you by two hundred thousand, is to lend him two hundred thousand or twenty thousand without him?" In the face of a "never repay" friend, "said Joker waved his hand to send him twenty thousand, not!" So the heroic Joker, let Li Yong shocked, said "greedy Xue boss"? "Good bargain master"? Sure "Xue boss decided to send the money the answer, the spirit of" to do "the principle of" Idol "on the spot, neither should paste the program group finance, Joker deduction twenty thousand yuan fee. To see their idol service fee to evaporate twenty thousand, Joker fans call love. But Joker only said one sentence: "do you think this person, I will lose?" Followed by a handsome signed his name on the contract. Will make money, make money, in the face of friends is so generous, never fade "piece king" label Joker is this loyalty king! He has absolutely no cheeseparer fans as he spent a lot of money for their money to Joker unashamedly: "I always! It! Is! For! The! Money! Money can do what you like!" But in the face of fans, Joker became that money with "macho", and almost harshly fans were not allowed to spend money for myself. "Aunt" on the interview process idol sauce, Joker sensitive to find the next shot live on mobile phone, the man immediately became serious: "is this you live in? I would like to ask which platform is live?" Hear live without charge, the Joker talent relaxed: "because I don’t want the audience to spend money, if they like what, I do not particularly want to, as long as without this OK." In addition to not live, Joker "macho deeds" is good, for example, never allow their own songs in the music charge on the client, "do not want to, don’t make the money." The concert free tickets, and have been free to; even when it is advised that fans "do not buy" EP, "the only song song, go online to listen." Engaged in three generations of the poor today, this initiative for the fans of high-quality idol can save a dozen? Except for money相关的主题文章: