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Jin Hao Hunan cup first network Reds Festival ten "network Reds" the birth of sina Hunan general manager Zhang Zhiqiang speech. Sina Hunan   in November 19th, the first Hunan Jinhao cup network Reds Festival Awards Ceremony cum gold Haocha oil group new conference was held in the city square Changsha desi Asia Television center. After a month of continuous wonderful, @ pop m   other 10 players won the "ten big talent shows itself, the network Reds award". In addition, the influence of Red Net brokerage company award "," influential network Reds "and other awards also produced in the award ceremony. General manager of sina Hunan Zhang Zhiqiang, the new gold oil Haocha Limited by Share Ltd chairman Liu Xianghao and other guests attended the event and award prizes to individuals or units. The new gold oil Limited by Share Ltd chairman Liu Xianghao speech haocha. Awards ceremony, Wang Min, director of the micro-blog business school to do the new media and the current situation and the development trend of the red network keynote speech, won the applause of the scene. Sina Hunan exclusive use of multi camera eye broadcast system, the whole network broadcast the event. Micro-blog business school director Wang Min keynote speech. The new game system to elect a real red net Hunan first network Reds festival was jointly organized by sina.com.cn, micro-blog, sina Hunan, Hunan Jin Hao tea oil Limited by Share Ltd new full title, Changsha Dan Ye food, the source of biological science and technology special sponsorship igi. Since the start of October 18th, attracted thousands of red net join. This section will adopt a new system to network broadcast data as the main reference, netizens with their attention to elect real network reds. The festival is divided into three stages; the first stage, from October 18th to 28, thousands of players in the auditions produced "hundred Reds group"; the second stage is from October 28th to November 15th, as the main competition stage, there were three field and three field Reds lie live tasks cross; third stages for the final selection. From November 15th to November 19th, the Organizing Committee of the comprehensive live data and other performance, selected the top ten most popular network reds. Video footage of the audience. In addition to participating in the game, the anchor in November 11th this day, play new tricks – the anchor in micro-blog with sina group Hunan # anchor selection # topic open broadcast, and release the signal during the live broadcast. Fans and netizens with these sign, in the gold flagship store, Dan Ye Hao tea oil sauce brand stores, shops and other official source of IGI enterprise three stores to grab the explosive goods and welfare. According to Zhang Zhiqiang, general manager of sina, Hunan, organized by the festival, I hope to tap the excellent anchor from the players, composed of sina Hunan anchor group, the company’s future development reserve talent. This goal has been more than expected to achieve." In addition, the activity in the micro-blog continued hot, micro-blog   Sina Hunan # topic; anchor group selection # reading volume has more than 40 million. The Victoria’s Secret show. Explore the future trend of the red network awards ceremony, Wang Min, director of micro-blog School of business to do the new media and the status quo and development trend of the red network theme sharing. Wang Min combines the most authoritative data and the freshest case for live audience.相关的主题文章: