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Its high-speed rail line started in 2020 is expected to completed around October 31st Shanxi evening news (reporter Zhang Wenju) reporters today learned from relevant departments of Changzhi, its high-speed rail (Henan section) held a mobilization meeting on the day before the commencement of the construction site in Jiaozuo County, the construction unit of five sections of the territory of Changzhi has fully entered the construction site. In June this year, its high iron works (Shanxi section). The Henan declaration started, marking its high-speed rail line commenced, and will be completed in 2020. After the completion of Taiyuan to Zhengzhou only about two hours. Its high end point for Taiyuan Tiebei station, Jiaozuo Railway Station. Line length of 362.095 km, of which Shanxi province within the territory of 328.178 kilometers, Henan province within the territory of 33.917 km. Design speed of 250 km, designed transport capacity of 40 million years. A total of 13 stations, respectively, Taiyuan south station, the new Ming Li station, Jinzhong station, Taigu station, Yushe station, Wuxiang station, Xiangyuan station, Changzhi station, Changzhi station, Gaoping station, Jincheng station, Jiaozuo Railway Station station, fraternity. Its high-speed rail (Henan section) Zheng Jiao Intercity Railway leads from Jiaozuo Railway Station, West by the fraternity station, turning north through the Taihang mountains into the territory of Shanxi, located along the Jiaozuo, fraternity two stations. Its high iron after the completion of the project, will link up with the existing Zheng Jiao intercity railway, not only can make the journey between Taiyuan and Zhengzhou railway to 2 hours from the current 4 hours, but also the formation of Hohhot to Datong to Taiyuan to Zhengzhou fast passenger transport channel, greatly shorten the time between Shanxi and other Middle East China and Mongolia area.相关的主题文章: