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Jincheng prolonged heating period is expected to become the standard normal heating temperature will also improve affected by weather factors, the city this year, 10 days in advance to start heating, people are concerned, the future extension of the heating period is able to become the norm. Reporters learned yesterday from the city heating Office, the heating sector is actively exploring the feasibility of extending the heating period and related calculations. The future of the city is likely to extend the heating period and increase the temperature of heating standards. From November 5th officially launched the central heating, up to now, most areas of the city has normal heating, outside the outer ring part of the region due to the coal-fired boilers burning grid, heating time will be delayed, the renovation of the boiler room also has a heating condition, in November 10th, the city will have all the boiler room heating conditions, achieve heat transfer. In addition, from the 12319 urban construction hotline and district heating station to answer the complaint telephone situation, the volume of complaints decreased by 70% over last year. The heating units in home repair preparation work more fully, two team of inspectors, are with the fastest speed, the highest efficiency to heating problems, and timely find problems communicated to each heating station, carry out repairs as soon as possible for the heating problem families. Overall, this winter heating than in previous years earlier, stable and fast stable. For the general concern of the public heating period can be extended, the city heating Office official said that in the future, the city is likely to extend the heating period and increase the temperature of heating standards. Currently, the heating sector is estimated to extend the heating time, improve the cost of compliance with the relevant costs and how to deal with the cost of digestion, energy conservation and other related issues.相关的主题文章: