In case of more than a couple of elevator drunk woman was groping her boyfriend was hit drop dead diva

In case of more than a couple of elevator drunk woman was groping her boyfriend hit the night, a couple walked into the elevator, when a six or seven drunk man, one of the men even to his girlfriend out of groping…… Due to protect his girlfriend, Mr. Zhang was attracted a hit. Today, the Chutian Metropolis Daily reporter saw Mr. Zhang in Qiaokou wusheng road Cade square in front of the door. A photo injury produced by him, nose bleeding, head, face swelling, a lot of blood on the denim jacket. Mr. Zhang said, he is 29 years old, Wuhan, his girlfriend is the northeast. Yesterday, his girlfriend sitting on the plane to Wuhan to see her, two people together to eat Hot pot Cade Plaza six floor. Around two in the evening, the people left the store ready to take the elevator to the underground garage to take the car in the 11. Girlfriend at that time saw six or seven men covered with the alcohol also walked to the elevator, a road in front of the girls xipixiaolian. She was a little hesitant to imply that her boyfriend was waiting for the next lift. "Which is so arrogant." Zhang believes that the elevator is a public place, and there are monitoring, it should not matter, then took his girlfriend into the elevator. Because the men have accounted for more than half of the space, two people standing on the elevator by the door position. Elevator in the afternoon, his girlfriend aware of the movement behind. Zhang stood behind his girlfriend, saw a man actually touched his girlfriend’s waist and buttocks. "What do you have to do?" Mr. Zhang at the question, and to protect his girlfriend. But the man provocative way: "how to move?" Almost at the same time, another man snatched up on Mr. Zhang’s neck, the remaining few men came up a brawl. Mr Zhang felt it rained on the body, but defenseless. "Don’t fight, don’t fight." Girlfriend shout that several hit man did not hesitate. Until the elevator door opened, the men will be two people kick a few feet, just take 3 taxi swagger leave. Due to the incident late at night, downstairs shops have been closed, there are few passers-by. Today, two people report to the police the police will Qiaokou, monitoring survey. (AFP reporter Li Manying)相关的主题文章: