Huizhou 41 pound Python process is February to visit the owner was third dataload

Huizhou 41 pound Python process is February to visit was the owner of third Nandu news reporter Guo Qiucheng Yu Gengkebo correspondent Luo Luo Yang Zhen Yao Lang Haruki County Lianhu Yip villagers home last night and found a snake, Boluo fire squadron officers arrived at the scene after receiving help captive pythons. After weighing, the snake weighs 41 pounds. Last night at 11:50 PM, Boluo fire squadron after receiving the alarm, 7 fire officers and soldiers immediately carry snake tools rushed to the scene, found a snake entrenched in his corner motionless, ten pigs frightened cry in the pen, not close. A more than 20 square meters, surrounded by a meter high concrete wall, leaving only a basketball sized hole for feeding, fire officers and soldiers to judge this snake should be climbed into the pen from the entrance. Then, the fire brigade found a nylon bag behind the python side, then 1 people with snake is throwing off the bag, the other 1 people with snake "diversion", with Python bag drill. Less than ten minutes, the smooth catch the snake. After weighing the snake that weighs 41 pounds, about 3 meters long. This afternoon, the fire brigade will go to Guangdong Xiangtoushan National Nature Reserve of the pythons released. For Python, alarm Yip family and feel fear, "every night to check the poultry, sometimes sleep will dream about snakes, think about the terrible!" According to Mr. Ye, nearly two months to neighbors have found 3 python, one of the two forty or fifty kg, a more than and 70 kg, later by the Forestry Bureau staff released the arrest.相关的主题文章: