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Customized education training institutions to help break the bottleneck of the development of Education — original title: custom education training institutions to help break the bottleneck of the development of training institutions to "new idea"! From August 19th to August 22nd, thousands of private education institutions held a general meeting in Shanghai to discuss the future direction of development. China Youth Daily? Youth online reporter noticed an interesting phenomenon, when most parents are the training institutions as the rapid increase in children’s learning achievement of the "magic weapon", the training of students as the main source of income of private education institutions are studying how to get rid of this stereotype". The new Xuelin chairman Fan Siqing in this session of the General Assembly on shouted loud slogans: "we need to study the children’s academic achievement and his academic aspirations, our training school can not only do mention base, test base." Fan Siqing analysis, 2012, according to his agency statistics, there are about 100 thousand training institutions, by 2015, this data into a 246 thousand ", in other words, we are now training school almost more than bank outlets". He said, 2014 to 2015, because the education and training institutions in the market the number increased sharply, causing the industry experienced a significant decline in performance. In this case, want bucked the trend, training institutions have resorted to trick". Fan Siqing introduction, this "trick" is now quite popular, but the "master secret" little "custom education". With a private doctor, a private golf. The headmistress of the school to do beauty, beauty institutions will be based on your skin characteristics, you need to tell what kind of cosmetics, how to make a plan of your beauty, there will be a personalized guide." Fan Siqing believes that this is the most effective way to improve the quality of education training institutions. He called on the training institution principals from now on, learning tracking system can be established for each child, "after 30 years, you taught the children as a father, you can find him when reading data, as a reference to his children. Second, we can build a system of academic planning, we should let our children have a system of growth path for his school planning." He said. In fact, there are a number of institutions have been trying to truly customized learning. A recent example is the 8 grade students Xiaoqiang customized learning plan. The child was brought to the Training Institute for his poor grades. The new training institutions no longer sell directly to the Jack Bauer course, but invited Xiaoqiang to do a test online. Within 30 minutes, he needs to complete the math academic proficiency test, math confidence test and personality test. After the test, a test result report will be printed. The report shows the proportion of cockroach in the function, nature, graphics and image coordinates, the sampling number and grade mathematics confidence index, personality test and analysis. The results showed that the difficulties he studied in graphics and coordinates, and the number of sampling points on the knowledge, his memory of knowledge is not clear, many concepts are confused. )相关的主题文章: