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The 7 day of holiday in the province to investigate the illegal traffic of more than 4 large area flight delays the past "eleven" golden week, the modern express reporter from the Jiangsu Provincial Traffic Police Corps was informed that during the long holiday, Suzhou, Wuxi section of Shanghai Chengdu expressway, Beijing Shanghai high-speed Guangjing Xicheng, long Shenzhen Expressway Section of Nanjing, Shen Hai Expressway in Suzhou. Often high-speed, Jiangyin bridge, Sutong Bridge Road, due to the larger flow or minor accident prone situation has appeared in other vehicles amble, highway traffic order is generally good, no major traffic accidents have influence and serious traffic congestion. During the national day, the province’s public security traffic police department more than 1 police officers to stick to their posts, to do a good job of emergency protection, while investigating various types of traffic violations more than 4. The 2 million 760 thousand day national day high flow innovation on October 1st to 7, the province’s highway traffic daily export volume was 2 million 500 thousand, an increase of 5.25%; the highest volume appeared in October 1st, the province’s highway traffic flow date of export reached 2 million 760 thousand vehicles, an increase of 6.15%, a record peak value. As the traffic flow increase scientific response during the national day, the Provincial Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Corps selected in advance 15 large hub is forced to split and 8 ramp toll station for traffic control, study and determine the 3 road traffic control measures. In some sections of the peak period of vehicles amble and queue backlog etc., dispatching center relying on the province’s 23 provincial highway control diversion point, organization and command to take over the on ramp control, alternate release, release, and forced into the echelon control flow, temporary control measures, effective control of local road traffic surge phenomenon, ensure the main highway safety and orderly traffic. According to statistics, during the National Day holiday, the province’s highway to organize the implementation of the regulation of diversion 56 times, flow control for the 145 time, alternating release of the 64. With the focus of the illegal traffic of more than 4 to ensure the national high-speed toll free during the good order, Jiangsu police take air ground operation, thorough investigation of illegal occupation of the emergency lane, illegal illegal traffic lane change. In the meantime, a total of more than 4 illegal traffic investigation, where the investigation of various types of traffic violations from the 7054. Around the traffic police to make full use of video surveillance, flow velocity and interval velocity, portable emergency lane, Lane capture capture equipment, a total of 8985 to capture the illegal occupation of the emergency lane. During high flow, 8 cities along the Yangtze River in the traffic police department has dispatched UAV 92 sorties, illegal occupation of the emergency lane and other serious traffic violations since 207. According to statistics, during the national day, the province’s highway a total of 8600 kinds of minor traffic accidents occurred, of which a total of more than a quick disposal of more than a total loss of more than 6500, accounting for the total number of 75.5%. Lukoujichang yesterday launched a yellow warning yesterday, Nanjing Lukou International Airport flight delays. 3 in the afternoon, Nanjing airport through the official micro-blog announced the launch of a large area of flight delays yellow warning response mechanism. Nanjing Lukou International Airport official website shows that as of 6:15 last night, there are 102 flights are being delayed. Among them, the longest delay is scheduled to fly to Harbin at 10:40 on the same day, the delay time of nearly 8 hours. According to the south.相关的主题文章: