Hechuan men climb more than 40 meters on the top of Takahashi want to commit suicide because his wif pretty rhythm

Hechuan men climb more than 40 meters on the top of Takahashi want to commit suicide because his wife wanted a divorce "up to now and a little scared, if you climb up the police Kukou counsel, I am afraid would be dead." Ma Mou said. In September 16th, about 1:20 in the afternoon, Chongqing Hechuan police under the scorching sun climbed from the water more than 40 meters high at the top of the bridge 40 minutes bitter persuasion, successfully rescued a suicidal man want to jump the bridge. The scene of the crowd have thumbs up for the police point like". Men climb more than 40 meters away from the water on the Takahashi to commit suicide on September 16th morning at about 10, Chongqing Hechuan District Public Security Bureau received a man police said, a man climbed to jump the bridge to commit suicide in the East Bridge at the top of the masses, how to persuade him not to listen, the situation is very urgent. After the alarm, the police rushed to the scene, found the East Bridge stood a lot of onlookers, slow traffic. The top of the bridge beam lying on a man, his hands holding a diameter of about 80 centimeters of metal beam bracket, the head extends out of the inner side of the maintenance channel, up to more than 40 meters away from the water, the situation is very dangerous. Underneath the bridge stood a little boy crying and shouting, "Daddy, I love you. I’m waiting for you." "Dad, you’re hungry, I’m hungry. It’s dangerous. I’m worried about you. Come on, let’s go find mommy!" No matter how the boy shouted, suicidal man still refused to come down. To his wife appeared until then, suicidal man’s mother-in-law mother also came to the bridge, but the man did not listen to persuasion, insisted to see his wife dumou. By the police to the man yelling, suicidal man still did not listen to his wife, Du Moulai to come down. The police around, just contact the suicidal man’s wife Dumou, but Dumou has not come forward, suicidal man refused to down. "I must see my wife today, or I’ll jump!" The man was very emotional suicide. 1 pm, the ground temperature of 32 degrees, man tired, feet began to fall, was hanging in the air, the situation is very dangerous. According to the son of man to commit suicide, a day before the morning and evening the father did not eat. The man did not eat nor drink water, on the bridge has been down for nearly three hours, and at noon, the weather is hot, physical overdraft, slightly careless are in danger of falling. Police immediately shouted to the man, and said to climb the bridge for men to commit suicide to send water to send smoke, and face-to-face talk. The police persuaded the man to abandon suicide in more than and 40 minutes with a suicidal man agreed, Yang Shihua police along the bridge maintenance channel slowly climbed the top beam, and 5 meters away from the man, the man let the police mineral water and a cigarette thrown to him, let the police near. In order to prevent the man falling, will bridge traffic Traffic and patrol police have all closed, no evacuation on the deck of the crowd, fire and rescue personnel laid lifesaving air cushion on the deck, to facilitate the timely rescue. "You see how good your son, reading performance is good, the contradiction between husband and wife is very normal, as long as we calmly deal with, do not have to go hom." Police Yang Shihua stood on the bridge to persuade the man, even if the family has difficulties, we can also reflect the relevant departments of the street, together to solve the problem, figure相关的主题文章: